Somaliland: Hargeisa the Future Dubai, isn’t it?


        As for the unbelieving unionist minded ones see the map

By: Kadar Dako

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The proven billions in barrels of oil deposits in various parts of Somaliland makes me feel like a future Emirati, yes, only pocket wise.

I envisage Hargeisa transformed to the Dubai of the future with the tallest high-rise building in the world being situated in Ahmed Dagah estate while the fastest underground based train not only inter-connecting the city estates but crisscrossing the entire country thus working in the morning in Erigavo, Lunch in Berbera and watching a movie in Borama before returning to my then studio apartment in Hargeisa.

Dako: proud lander

All this I believe is possible when I peruse the map denoting where Foreigners not Somalilanders say they have found billions of barrels in Oil thus on-going extraction activities.

Well am sure this is not an empty dream I have but a reality of MONEY in The BANK for all landers and that being so who cares about international recognition.

Dear friends in another 2-3 years it is the westerners who will be dying in the Sahara desert trying to immigrate illegally to my homeland Somaliland.

As for the unbelieving unionist minded ones see the map

The writer Khadar Dako is a journalist with the state owned Dawan Media Group