Somaliland: Hargeisa Police Foil Mass Jail Break Attempt


Change of guard at the Hargeisa central police station Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
SomalilandSun – The Hargiesa Central police station was the scene of beehive activity like on the evening of 28th Aug 2017, when prisoners attempted to escape.
According to reports prisoners at the station situated innthe middle of Hargeisa town the capital of Somaliland took advantage of the regular change of guard , thence escape.
While a report by on the scene Indicates that over 10 prisoners managed to break jail and are still at large, somalilandsun sources indicate that the attempt was foiled and non managed to esacpe.
Queried on the alleged mass jail break, police officer Ali, not his real name, said “YES, there was an attempt by prisoners to esacpe from the Hargeisa central police station” adding that non escape due to vigilance of police officers,then on a change of guard parade.
According, to officer Ali the escape planners chose the wrong moment since their jailbreak was attempted while two shifts, that is the outgoing and incoming were all at the station.
This is then first mass jail break by prisoners suspected of a crime thus either pending investigation or arraignment in court, at a police station anywhere in Somaliland