Somaliland: Hargeisa Mental Hospital Looking for Relatives of Four Patients


Hargeisa mental hospital is looking for relatives of these four patients currently under medication

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somaliland sun) – Any person related or known to the pictured four patients at the Hargeisa mental hospital should contact the management.

This appeal of identity was made by a senior administrator at the Somaliland government owned hospital Feisal Ibrahim Aden during a briefing to reporter Kadar M Hash of Dawan newspaper in Hargeisa.

While making the appeal for information the facility administrator stated that the four patients who been at hospital for periods ranging from 2-5 years have responded to medication.

“These patients who were brought to the hospital not through the regular relatives channels are now in dire need of their kin” said Feisal Ibrahim.

While revealing the few details known about the four patient’s identity and ages the hospital administrator stated that:

DSC020281. Muhidin Mohamed Omar 28 years old who is a left foot and right hand amputee has been in the hospital for two years. He was taken to the mental facility by persons involved in his accident resulting in the amputations at the Hargeisa Group Hospital. He has within this period of time been unable to remember where he hails from or his lineage though he speaks a language thought to be of one of Ethiopian tribes.

2. Kadar Mohamed Ahmed aged between 24-26 years and from Oromia in Ethiopia says he came to Somaliland to visit his sister living in the Dami estate of Hargeisa. He is of black complexion and rare of speech and was brought to the hospital by a group of Hargeisa businessmen after observing him sleeping outside their shop for a long time. He is currently in a very stable condition and what is required is only an address on where to discharge him to.

3. Taken to the hospital by students of Farah Omar secondary school where he used to sleep hungry Mahamad Mahmud Geedi is aged between 26-27 years and after five years as a patient he has responded well to medication pending release to his relatives whom he says are in Kabribayaha in Ethiopia

4. Kidiye is around 30 years old and was rescued from his dustbin sleeping quarters by hospital staff after passersby reported that they had observed him mutilating himself with bolts that he used to chop off his fingers with. According to his dialect he is suspected to have originally hailed from Buhoodle in Somaliland or its vicinity.

The hospital therefore appeals to anyone with information that might lead to the reunification of the four patients with their families to kindly contact the facility management.

Stating that other over ten patients whose relatives are not known are currently receiving medication at the Hargeisa Mental hospital, administrator Feisal Ibrahim Aden who said the need of inpatients for familial contact is very important was also quick to thank finance minister Zamzam Abdi Aden and some members of the Diaspora for continued support to the hospital.

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Reporter Kadar M HashiAnybody with information that might help in reuniting the four patients with their relatives should kindly contact reporter Kadar M Hashi at telephone # +252 634812207 or email us