Somaliland: Hargeisa JPLG Program Well on Course, says City Engineer


Construction of a Bridge for a JPLG funded road connecgting Dami with Goljano estates in Hargeisa Somaliland/pic by slsun

By M.A Egge
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Hargeisa Municipal Council is steadfast on its Joint Project for Local Governance (JPLG) Program.
According to the capital’s JPLG coordinator, City Engineer Abdikhadar Abdilahi Ali, the 2013 (JPLG) projects on the rehabilitation and construction of roads was capped with the finalizing of the Boqol-Jire Irish-cross Bridge.
This has enabled easy access of commuting by the thousands of Ayaha 2 residents who are mostly internally displaced persons.
It now easily connects the Ibrahim Koodbuur and 31st May districts and nearby estates which were hitherto impossible across the river apart from a cumbersome long detour. According to the engineer, their 2014 programs are at final stages.

A JPLG Contractor at work clearing Gobanimo Market for Construction of a road connecting Dami and Goljano estates of Hargeisa Somaliland
This, Eng. Abdikhadar says, includes the new east-west major highway cutting across three city boroughs that would immensity ease transport congestions at two major city highways.
This road starts at the Peace Academy and ends at Daami area.
Another one is the state house road bridge which had long succumbed into oblivion hence is now undergoing construction and is expected to end on schedule.
Lastly, according to the city engineer, is the ongoing construction of a priority Irish Cross bridge whose short-cut gravel road connects Hargeisa to Burao.
This bridge is quite important since it has been a major impediment to vehicles plying the route.
Eng. Khadar however explains of a slight hiccup in their schedule of work due to the recent heavy rains.

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