Somaliland: Hargeisa Inter-district Basketball Tournament Tips-off in Tima’ade Stadium


 Scrappling for the ball

By: Eng.abdirasak ismail qalinle(itaqile)

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Tima’ade Basketball stadium in Hargeisa, witnessed an extraordinary afternoon on Sunday, with the opening ceremony of Hargeisa Inter-district second division basketball tournament funded by Mercy Corps through SONYO umbrella & Ministry of sports and implemented by Somaliland Basketball Federation SOLBAF.

The opening ceremony featured a parade of participating teams, wowing the spectators and giving a glimpse of Somaliland Basketball Federation’s readiness to promote basketball game in the country

The eleven-day inter-district second division basketball tournament will bring together six teams from the different districts of Hargeisa city.

Chairperson of Somaliland Basketball Federation Mr.Mohamoud Hassan Abdilahi (Qodax) said in his opening speech “This is the second time we implement such tournament and the main aim of this annual tournament is to promote and develop the basketball game among youths of Hargeisa districts”

SOLBAF expects to spread this tournament throughout the country, says SOLBAF’s charmain Mr. Mohamoud: “we are thinking about and planning for the tournament to grow and bring the different districts of all the cities.”

 Mr. Mohamoud also thanked Mercy Corps, SONYO umbrella and ministry of sports for sponsoring the tournament.

The Director of sports department at the Ministry Of Sports Mr. Mohamoud Nuh Jibril, also delivered a simple yet encouraging speech to the participating players present to pursue their dreams through hard work, positive attitude, and true team spirit.  “Never give up in trying your best. Treat yourself, your coach, parents, teammates, even opponents with respect. Work hard and have fun. At the end of the day, it’s your passion and attitude that will define your character and success in sports and in life,” said Mr. Mohamoud Nuh.

SONYO program director Mr. Adnan Abdi Hassan who also spoke at the ceremony, stressed SONYO’s commitment in improving the youth of the country.

The tournament has 6 teams competing and includes the following:

1.    Abaarso Tech

2.    Custodial corps

3.    Jigigayar

4.    Ahmed Guray

5.    Mohamoud Haybe

6.    Sohasco

Really, the spotlight will be on Abaarso Tech, the defending champions and last year runner-up Custodial Corps team.

It is also worth mentioning that women’s tournament will begin on Thursday.