Somaliland: Hargeisa Electricity Agency Managers’ Post Up for Grabs


Habsade my ministry can not prop upp the agencyBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – In an unprecedented move the government has advertised the post of a manager for one of its parastatals

A committee established by president Silanyo to streamline operations at the Hargeisa electricity agency is set to replace the currently appointed manager with one to be recruited within the public through advertisement in the public media.

This development first of its nature in the country’s history is as a result of a letter from the president Silanyo appointed committee which it submitted to the current manger of the agency Mr. Weli Ahmed Hawa urging him to tender resignation for his no longer required services.

Though the letter did not bear any official letter-head or stamp it is assumed to be very official considering that it was signed by all the committees’ members whose mandate is known to have the full backing of the presidency.

The signatories of the resign before you are fired letter to the Hargeisa Electricity Agency manager are Public works minister Hon Ahmed Habsade ,Planning minister Dr Sa’ad Ali Shire as well as both the accountant and auditor general’s respectively.

In a related event the manager of the Hargeisa Electricity Agency Mr. Weli A Hawa has declared that he is not about to take note of the committee’s letter since his is a political appointment by the president thus only the head of state can fire him.

While this saga is destined for arbitration by the head of state thus throw his dice with either the high powered committee or his appointed manager the mere limelight of this outcome is a clear indication that the administration is committed towards establishing proper public services without bias as political affiliation etal.

The saga at the city based government owned electricity agency started months back after the public works minister Hon Habsade called in the office of the Auditor General to investigate what he termed as rampant maladministration.

After the AG turned in a guilty verdict the head of state then appointed the streamlining committee whose report indicated that poor management at all levels was the main reason why the electricity agency that earns properly from its services could not even sustain itself.

The success of this move of advertising for a formerly appointive office is reinforced by a recent decision that saw president Silanyo embark upon the very bold move of posting regional governor s away from their regions of birth.