Somaliland: Hargeisa City Council Lowers Land Rate by 35%


By: Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – City residents shall pay less in taxes after the municipality lowered land rates by 35%.

This was revealed by the chairman of the city municipality sub-committee on economy Councilor Osman Hassan Farah who said that the council has stridden immensely and improved its economy, thence a tax reprieve to residents.

“we have developed economically in the short stint we have been in charge of the council” he said.

The council having done some research to find out where loop holes are the councilor told the city residents that every committee was busy drafting and correcting previous mistakes by re-writing the city’s by-laws of which it relies on to do its work.

The study revealed that of all the revenues and taxes collected by the council it accounted to a half and the other half remain uncollected of which the city in habitant are unaware of the existence of such a tax. We also found out that people living in the outskirts of the city do not pay their taxes. On the other hand some taxes due to the local government were taken by the central government. City residents were urged to pay land tax within 3 months or else their land will be confisticated or they may be fined 35% of the total value.