Somaliland: Hargeisa City Council Commence Registrations of Taxis Operators


Hargesa is home to a large number of new madel small taxis

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The city council of Hargeisa Department of Revenue Collections has come up with a new plan to increase her tax collection base. Sugan Taxi Company was the first cab operator to pay the new levy introduced by the council.
The Director of taxation department Mr. Yusuf Soran Ismael officiated the stamping of the city council of Hargeisa logo on the taxis doors .The director confirmed that the registration fees for all taxis operating in the city environs will cost Somaliland shilling 15000 per cab.
Also speaking during the tax collection campaign was a manager of a local taxis company Sugan Taxis who advised other cab operators to pay their taxes in order that the council improve their service delivery to city inhabitants.
This comes at a time when the city of Hargeisa is experiencing traffic congestions as a result of the ever increasing numbers of taxis plying their trade in city streets.
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