Somaliland: Haqsoor Imparts Conflicting Resolution Skills on Sanaag Religious Leaders


By: Yusuf M HasanImams follow prcoceedings at the Workshop at Erigavos Sanaag hotel

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – 80 religious leaders from Sanaag region are receiving peace building and conflict resolution skills.

The 80 who are all Imams from various mosques within Sanaag region are learning conflict resolution skills at a 2 days’ workshop which is funded by the Finnish Church Aid-FCA and implemented by Haqsoor a local NGO at the Sanaag hotel in Erigavo.

The workshop was officially opened by the Sanaag regional governor Ahmed Muhumed Geele Da’ar who was flanked by Erigavo mayor Ismail Haji Nuur, CMayor Ismail Haji Nuurouncilor Mohamed Warsame Hirsi and the Regional coordinator ministry of Religious affairs who during their address to the participants thanked the donors and organizers while urging the Imams to fully capitalize on the instructions on peace building and conflicting management.

Speaking on behalf of the participants were Sheikh Jama Farah, Sheikh Saeed Ali Hasan and Sheikh Ahmed Daar governor of Sanaag regionMahmud Qays who in unionism concurred on gthe important role that the clergy can and does play in building peace and conflict resolutions within communities.

According to a senior official of Haqsoor Mr. Ali Ahmed Abdi ‘Antar’ the workshop intents to harness the peace building and conflict resolution skills of religious leaders in Sool and Sanaag regions since the Ulimos are based within the communities thus the first on the scene on any issues.

The two days peace building and conflict resolutions workshop concludes on the 21st August