Somaliland: Hagaltosie Affirms Commitment to Sool Peace accord


Sool, East Sanaag & Buhodle Residents affirm co-existence as Galayd goes on the warpath

Hon Hagaltosie (C) at the meetingHARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – “What can not be attained peacefully is also impossible with war and animosity”

This was said by the minister of Rural Rehabilitation & Resettlement Hon Suleiman Isse Ahmed ‘Hagaltosie’ during a meeting of citizens from Sool, East Sanaag & Buhodle regions currently residing in Hargeisa.

The meeting which was chaired pooled its participants from intellectuals, snr civil servants, elders, traditional leaders, politicians and ordinary citizens from the eastern regions affirmed their commitment to peaceful co-existence.

Upon thanking Hon Hagaltosie for initiating peaceful reconciliation between the area’s residents and the central government the participants committed themselves to sustaining reconciliation achieved garnered so far.

Hon Hagaltosie the youthful minister who is a former militia commander turned peacemaker reiterated his determination to ensure that peaceful peace reigns in the eastern regions of the country which have for a number of years been in conflict with central authorities.

Pointing to benefits in public services accrued by area residents since peaceful reconciliations were embarked upon a few months ago Hagaltosie urged all to strive towards sustaining prevalent status back home “since everything is achievable peaceful and nothing through the barrel of the gun”

The meeting which thanked the president Dr Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo for his acquiescence to their green olive branch and subsequent implementation of peace accord agreements, promised to ensure that nothing or nobody impinges on the peace pact.

A few hours prior to the Hagaltosie chaired meeting in Hargeisa a Somali Member of parliament Ali Khalif Galayd who is a Somalilander from Sool region was in the US city of Minnesota organizing an uprising against the government of Somaliland.

Ali Khalif Galaydh issue threats of bloodshedWhile meeting with citizens of Sool region who are currently residents in the US, Galayd who is the leader of some secessionists who claim a chunk of Somaliland in Sool region as the State of Khatumo requested financial support towards ensuring that he has inflicted a major bloodletting within Somaliland.

Said he, “I am here to ask financial support towards my imminent war in Somaliland where I plan to ensure a blood bath never seen before nor will ever be seen again”

He further informed his audience that his proposed bloodletting among Somalilanders shall not be confined to Hudun or Buhodle districts in Sool region but shall be spread in the entire republic of Somaliland

“Rest assured that my determination for a major blood letting in Somaliland is not a pipe dream but a surety whose implementation shall be achieved as long as a son of Sool lives” Said the warmongering Galayd.

With all said and done something needs to be done and done soon, about the never ending bloodletting verbosity of Ali Khalif Galayd whose grievances against his motherland remain dubious

At the same time Galayd a failed politician has to be put in his rightful place mostly likely through authorities in Mogadishu where he occupies a seat in Somalia’s parliament thus facilitate the sustainability of the Silanyo-Hagaltosie Buhodle peace accord that seems to be holding superbly so far.