Somaliland: Hadrawi and 3 others Survive Daarbuduq Flooding


Poet Hadraawi

By: Mo Ali/medeshi
Somalilandsun- The Somaliland legend and the most famous poet , Mohamed Warsame Hadrawi and 3 other people riding in a landcruiser were rescued today after floods swept away their vehicle at Da’ar Budhuq crossing.
The group were travelling in a landcruiser and assumed that their four wheel drive vehicle could cross the treacherous waters of Da’ar Budhuq crossing where Gu rains turn the dry bed in to a death trap for some. Gu rains started in Somaliland yesterday and this was the beginning of the flood season at the river crossing between Hargeisa , Bebera and Burao.
Mr Hadrawi told the press that he had arrived safely in Hargeisa after he and his companions survived the flood accident .
There are more than halve a dozen dry river bed crossings between Hargeisa and Berbera and these crossings are heavily flooded during the rainy season in Somaliland. The road that links Berbera and Hargeisa was built by CAT – a subcontractor Lebanese construction company – in the early 1970s and the contractors have failed to build bridges in these crossings. Few bridges close to Aw Barkhadle village were built in the early 2000s by Somaliland contractors after accidents that caused many causalities.
Somaliland suffers from water shortages and yet large volumes of rainwater end-up in the Redsea without any methods/initiatives of building water reservoirs and barriers to conserve these waters taken by the consecutive Somaliland governments.