Somaliland: Hadhwanaagnews, Bastion of Lies and Negativity


Unbiased news from the heart of somalilandWHEN and IF the need for stealing articles arises Hadhwanaagnews will never be our site of choice

By: Editor

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The editorial team of this website wishes to inform that sources of articles not original to Somalilandsun are usually revealed.

The editorial team of Somalilandsun is deeply disturbed by allegations made by a Somali language website that claims that the editor of Somalilandsun should stop posting original Hadhwanaagnews items or face some action (undefined).

This article theft allegation and threat of some action was passed through by Hadhwanaagnews through reader’s comments of an article which Somalilandsun posted on the 30th Jan 2013 and titled British Somalilanders are deeply disappointed with the FCO statement on Somaliland’s security.

If the allegations refer to this article we wish to inform that we received direct from the writers who can be approached for clarification.

If the alleged theft is for other items, we ask hadhwanaagnews to inform its and our readers of the specifics.

We at Somalilandsun believe that the allegations are of malicious intent considering that we use English as our medium while our accusers use Somali language.

Meanwhile let the management of hadhwanaagnews distinguish the big difference in content posted by our respective sites while asking our accusers to look inwards before jumping the gun.

we further wish to make it clear to all and sundry that time is a precious commodity which we refuse to waste on issues related to character assassination and production and disbursement of false items or those geared towards portraying a negative image of our beloved nation.

Let it be known that WHEN and IF the need for stealing articles arises Hadhwanaagnews will never be our site of choice considering the never ending items detrimental to the well being of Somaliland it posts

Finally Somaliland Sun exists and remains in existence with the sole commitment of providing the world with unbiased and independent news from within the heart of Somaliland. For the simple reason that such a great country is worth the attention of the world

Link to allege theft comments