Somaliland: Guurti Lives Upto Its Expected Traditions- Editorial


L-R President Silanyo Parlianment Speaker Abdirahman  Irro and Guurti chair Suleiman Aden in a handshake of top Somaliland leadership cooperation

Somalilandsun – This week is once again another time that all Somalilanders of all backgrounds take their time to celebrate the wisdom of their own at play.
The Guurti which has perfected the art of conciliation through dialogue has once more detonated a time bomb whose potential explosion might have set our political developments years back.
Three things are clear as per the Guurti arbitration committee judgment.
That the main bone of contention, thus the amendments of/on Act 37/2007 had mistakes, that the procedural role and undertakings of the parliament was paralyzed such that important national issues were put at stake and that a very serious breach of peace and cohesive national stability was provoked.
To address the above, they lived up to their expectations and brought to halt the misgivings entailed by the worrying factions, of course, with their written consent.
This time round, the Guurti went a step further and invoked a ruling to prevent further any future political polarizations that may undermine the essence of nationhood.
Whether constitutionally upright or not, their spelt out judgments are aspects that have been taken well by the populace and supported to the hilt. We, too, support and hail them without any qualms since what matters to all of us is that SL comes first and everything else second.
With SL, what is at stake are the people’s expectations, aspirations and those of their posterity.
We today hail and laud the Guurti while praising them for their wisdom just as we do the same to the members of the public who know better on/of what we have been through while we wish the best for the very essence of our nationhood.
We also echo with happiness the hopes that the Guurti Speaker wishes for the MPs and their parliament as an institution.
No one should at any time dent or hurt the country’s image, integrity or sovereignty.
We have been crying and wailing loudly to this end hence will never tire.
On the other hand, when it comes to the elections or its time, the country has in place the constitution to adhere to. For instance after the confirmation of the new NEC team there comes its swearing in, taking over, evaluating and appreciating facts and issues, meetings with the political parties, state, partners etc and work within the now (newly) amended Act/Law hence decide on when to hold elections as per their logics and issues on the ground dictate.
As such, the members of the public should let the currents take its course now that the Guurti has just nipped in the bud petty politicking.
What has transpired has got to remind the rest of the world why we are Somalilanders and not Somalis of Somalia!
This is what has earned us our household trademark name of masters of peace in such a volatile area;
SL is indeed a haven of peace, the best kept African secret- in our own small way.
Thank you, Guurti; thank you Somaliland!
An original editorial of The Horn Tribune an English weekly newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group