Somaliland: Guurti Lauds President’s Livelihoods Improvement Achievements


The over 100 years old Somaliland Gurti Elder Haji Abdi Warabe

By: Omar Mohamed Farah

Somalilandsun- Somaliland government led by President  Ahmed Silanyo was appreciated  its crucial achievements’ towards development of social affairs in the country.

 This was revealed during  cession of Somaliland’s upper house  chaired by deputy first chairman of elders Mr. Sa’id Jama Ali on Tuesday.

Hajji  Abdi  Hussein Warabe, a renowned elder member of the elders,  have praised the Silanyo’s administration had implemented what he called extra ordinary efforts for upgrading the social affairs in many parties of the country.

“We must underline the huge achievements’ that incumbent president Ahmed Siilaanyo administration done last six years such as health care and education sectors. As well as infrastructure including the roads and other large developmental projects,” said Hajji Abdi Wara’be, during his speech.

Hajji Abdi Wara’be urged to the government to focus on its short term priorities’ for extending potable water facilities and creating a cement factory which are the urgent need of the citizens.

“a cement factory have to be built as soon as possible it’s impossible that our country still have no this necessary small factory”, he likewise  think it would decrease the unemployment rate of the country.

Mohamed Nour,  had welcomed the development of  infrastructure of the country, he further relieved the SL’s policy of rehabilitations of the roads links the country that government is being engaged.

“in recent times the car accidents  are increasing incredible way, many people lost their lives each year and  others also suffer various injuries.  We must depth thinking to reduce a car accidents,” said Mohamed Nour.

Guurti elders I sessionIn recent cession the upper house of Somaliland (Guurti) were consectively discussing the social actives’ in the country as well as maintaining the security of the country which are the biggest of their mandate.