Somaliland: Guurti Elders Undertake Civic Education Nationwide


Guurti elders in session/file, “I call upon you to ensure that our citizens are fully aware of their democratic rights, voting norms and the need to maintain peace during this election period” Guurti Chair

By: Yusuf M Hasan

SAYLA (Somalilandsun) – A Guurti Civic education Committee is currently in Salel Region.

Authorities in Salel region have promised to ensure the strict adherence to election laws and maintaining of law and order during the local council elections.

This was promised a committee from the elder’s house of parliament that is in the Salel regional capital Sayla, as part of civic education prior to the forthcoming local council elections slated for the 28 November 2012.

Guurti, the upper chamber of parliament is currently engaged in civic education nationwide through two committees operating in the Eastern and Western regions respectively.

During the first session of its activities in Salel region, the elders house committee held discussions with regional authorities among them Salel governor, police commander and Election Commission officials as well as representatives of the seven political parties contesting the elections.

The Elders who are also to hold similar sessions with members of the public informed of the imperative need of the occurrence of free and fair elections while urging maintainance of prevalent law and order.

While thanking the elders’ committee for their timely civic education activities the Salel regional authorities promised to ensure the conduct of free and fair elections as well as maintainance of conducive security during and after the polls.

The committee undertook similar civic education activities in neighbouring Awdal region prior to their journey to Salel.

The counterpart committee charged with such activities in the broader Eastern parts of the country is currently traversing Toghdeer, Salal, Sool and Sanaag regions.

This election has attracted the largest number of women candidates According to the Guurti chair Elder Suleiman the upper house of parliament which is made up of elders representing all segments of society is determined towards the realization of free and fair local council elections thus its involvement in civic education.

On dispatching the two Guurti civic education Committees Elder Suleiman urged them to perform their duties with usual diligence, terming the Guurti as the backbone of national cohesion

Said he, “I call upon you to ensure that our citizens are fully aware of their democratic rights, voting norms and the need to maintain peace during this election period”

At the same time Guurti Chair called upon the seven political parties contesting the local council elections slated for 28th November to maintain peace and instil on their respective supporters the need for maximum security.

While also touching on the paramount importance of conceding defeat honourably Elder Suleiman M Aden called upon leaders of the political parties to be prepared for either failure or success since only three parties out of the seven shall be official registered as national political parties.

Said he, “It is imperative that political parties maintain peace as well as accept election results”

The contest for the country’s three political parties through the local council elections to be held on 28th November has attracted seven political groups and over a thousand local council candidates shall be observed by an international election mission from 16 countries and numerous organizations.