Somaliland: Guurti does it again as it Reconciles Wrangling Legislators


Conciliatory arbitration irons out polarization politicking while MPs reminded to uphold institutional integrity and Guurti advices politicians to desist from unnecessary wrangles

Chair of Guurti Suleiman Aden C flanks antoganist Irro and Bashe after Elders conflict resolution in Parliament

By: M. A. Egge
Somalilandsun – Once again, the nation has heaved a sigh of relief, following another intervention in the nation’s perfected art of conciliatory gestures and overtures through dialogues for the sake of preserving and maintaining national cohesion and peaceful stability.
In the standard fashion that the Guurti has achieved to live up to its expectations, the Elders have just detonated the recent political time-bomb that threatened to explode within the parliament having the potential of its repercussions dangerous to the nation’s cohesion and stability.
Following the viralous political divide amongst the MPs whose differences and polarization avowed one faction to topple its speaker, the Guurti swiftly moved in to calm the situation down.
The differing political factions led by the Speaker Hon. Abdirahman Irro on one side and his deputy Hon. Bashe on the other had to accept the Guurti arbitration as per the country’s tradition and both had to give the Elders written power of authority to delve into the issue and address it as they would deem fit.
It is after this scenario, plus if anything, the representing teams that the Guurti finally came to their decision yesterday that is expected to have a long-lasting effect on un-necessary wrangles in the parliament, bringing back sanity into the August House.
Three facts emerged vividly following the Guurti arbitration committee indulgement and subsequent delving into the issue.
That the main bone of contention, thus the amendments of/on Act 37/2007 had mistakes, that the procedural role and undertakings of the parliament was paralyzed such that important national issues were put at stake and that a very serious breach of peace and cohesive national stability was provoked.
Furthermore, it addressed the loose ends of political shortcomings that may, if at all, have adverse effects on procedural functioning of the parliament as the forth coming general elections beckons.
The Guurti who mainly address the political fallout following the lack of parliament to continue its normal function decided the following:-
1. That the impeachment (or vote of no confidence) motion against the Parliamentary Speaker spearheaded by the 1st Deputy Speaker was no longer in tenable (thus rendered null and void); and that the same (type of motion) would not be tabled at any one time in the future until the tenure of service (of the presidential aspirant) expires.
2. That the shortcomings on the mistakes that befell the amendment of Act no. 37/2007 of the Registration of Electorate and national persons Identification were to be borne by the Speaker of the Parliament since he was the Chief Executive Officer of the institution and ultimate undersigning was his sole prerogative.
3. The failure of the taking-off of the extraordinary session on the 26th of October 2014 -to deliberate upon the annual national budget of 2015 and the endorsements (affirmations) of the newly named national electoral commissioner -was a gross mistake.
4. It is incumbent upon the Speaker of the Parliament to be diligent in his duties while exercising non-partisanship.
5. The acts, bills etc that are forwarded from the parliament should be counter-checked by his deputies.
6. MPs should be true to their roles and duties hence they be diligent such that the institution’s procedural national duties should never be hampered.
7. As a prophylactic measure, the Upper House of the Representatives (the Guurti) should make corrections on the affected amendments (of Act 37/2007) such that no more time may no longer be unnecessarily lost as far as the elections time table are concerned; thus the Guurti to do its expected official duties as per constitution.
8. The state has to respect the constitutional powers of immunity bestowed upon officials (MPs) and that they (MPs) should not take the law into their hands, should not dwell on polarization politics nor should they catalyze despondency amongst the prevalent communal harmonious settings.
9. Until the constitutional time (period) of indulging into active political election campaigns, the political parties must desist from engaging in actions whose tendencies may mobilize people to such effect.
Those of the Guurti who were party to the arbitration committee were:-
1. Hon. Muhummed Aw Ahmed H. Aden (Chairman)
2. Hon. Haji Abdi Hussein Yussuf
3. Hon. Hersi Issa Jama
4. Hon. Haji Abdirahman Osman Jama
5. Hon. Farhan Isse Ubahle
6. Hon. Sheikh Mohammud Hersi Farah
7. Hussein Madar Hoosh
8. Hon. Abdiqadir Aw Hussein Mire
9. Hon. Said Abdillahi Yasin
10. Mohammed Sh. Abdirahman Mohammed
11. Mohamud Hared Roble
12. Awil Hussein Ahmed
13. said Ali Nuuh
14. Suleiman Garas Said
15. Abdillahi Ibrahim Habane (Secretary General)
The report of the arbitration committee which was seen (witnessed) hence undersigned by the Speaker of the Guurti himself Hon. Suleiman Mohamud Aden lastly advised the MPs to rally together in their roles, and as per expectations be true and diligent in their duties hence respect the honour and integrity of their institution and roles.