Somaliland: Guurti Chairperson Refutes his Alleged Resignation

Chairperson of Somaliland Guurti Suleiman M Aden

Somalilandsun:”I am both surprised and offended to hear about my resignation as a member and leader of Guurti“.

This was stated by Suleiman Mahmud Aden the chairperson of Guurti, Somaliland’s upper chamber of parliament during a press briefing at his Guurti offices in Hargeisa.

Elder Suleiman was reacting to recent media reports that have been widely circulated alluding to his having sent a resignation letter to the president.

Cautioning the media against publishing unconfirmed reports Elder Suleiman also asked the journalists who posted the false resignation claims to come straight or else face consequences.

Pointing fingers at the assembled journalists at the presser the Guurti chair said that apart from the false claim of his resignation, most absurd was the allegation that he has submitted his resignation letter to the president thus pending approval.

Said he,”The president of Somaliland has no authority over appointment of Guurti chair thence not responsible for approving resignation“.

The visibly agitated Suleiman informed that he initially thought that the rumours of his having voluntarily exited his office were circulated by either the executive or fellow elders.

”I have personally met the Somaliland  president Muse Bihi Abdi who assured me of not being aware of the matter“ said the elder adding that he has also consulted with a large number of his Guurti Colleagues who were also unaware of the rumours source.

Pointing to his official desk where he was seated, Elder Suleiman told journalists that he was still the Guurti chairperson and that he has so far no reason to resign.

The rumours of the resignation were widely circulated in the country especially in social media platforms like Facebook, whattsap and twitter for a couple of days.

Earlier on Guurti elder Mohamed-Wali Warsame Ali had during a press briefing in Hargeisa refuted the alleged resignation of his chairperson terming it as malicious with intent to create disharmony in the country.

Guurti is a respected chamber of the Somaliland bi-cameral parliament thence deserving respects that it is due owing to its acknowledge part in helping create harmony in Somaliland both in the past and presently, Said Elder Mohamed Wali, as he cautioned the press against publishing false news.