Somaliland: Guurti Chair Applauds Elders for Resolving Conflict among Memebrs of Parliament


Urges government for an expedited apprehension of Haji Salah District Cop killers

Guurti chair Suleiman Aden

By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -The speaker of the upper house (house of elders) popularly known as Gurti has praised the work of mediation steering committee that resolved the wrangles of the divided House of Representatives finalizing in resolutions nourished with wisdom acumen reaching a negotiated democracy that culminated in salvaging the nation which is believed to have been on a cliff.

Speaker Hon. Suleiman Mohamed Adan revisited the internal wrangles that almost a sundered the House of Representatives following the tabling of an impeachment motion of its beleaguered speaker on a basis of partisan politics notwithstanding the national interest at heart.

Hon. Suleiman while listing the merits of negotiated democracy affirmed that Somaliland is known in history of mankind in perfecting the use of the aforementioned democracy. He asserted that one good thing with such mediation is that it leaves all competing parties on the same level with no winners or losers. The upper house speaker has equated the members of the committee as brave men that have salvage the nation by bearing the interest of the country before any other. He also praised them for their role in championing for the peace & stability of Somaliland and insisted that it is the people of Somaliland that have won & not any side to the dispute.

The Gurti speaker while addressing the Hon. Members of the upper house has also called for speedy conclusion of investigation leading to the arrest of perpetrators of Haji Salah police commander’s killers that took place on the night of Wednesday in Laanmulaho town in which he hinted that an upper house led delegation would soon be dispatched to the area to ensure justice is not only done but is also seen to be done fairly & squarely for the maintenance and in the interest of peace, stability & tranquility obtained in the country. Hon. Suleiman reminded the members that the incident was not the first murder of a senior most officer but maintained that it had happened previously before calling for the adoption of deterrence measures in curtailing the reoccurrences of such felonies in future. He said the house needs to conclude the matter from cultural & national perspective where all the affected parties are satisfied with the outcome of the house – led arbitration.

Lastly the speaker sent the Gurti for recess so that members break for their holiday following the long work they performed on behalf of the nation notwithstanding his long absentia which sources affirmed that he went out of the country to seek medical advice.

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