Somaliland: Guul-Group Bridges Investor- Investment Opportunity Gap


Mohamed Guleid Guul Group  CEO“We have facilitated lucrative deals for foreign and Diaspora investors within various sectors in Somaliland- Mohamed Guleid

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Consultancy services by Guul Group Company has made blind investment in the country a thing of the past.

Foreign and Diaspora investors are now making knowledgeable decisions through services provided by Guul Group-GG Company registered both in the UK and Somaliland.

According to the chief Executive officer Mr. Mohamed Guleid his GG Company has so far facilitated numerous investment services to Diaspora Somalilanders as well as foreigners wishing to invest in-country.

During an interview with Somalilandsun the youthful CEO who is a British Somalilander informed that Guul Group services successfully undertaken so far include availing prospective investors’ relevant information on investment opportunities available in all corners of Somaliland.

Said he ‘ We have a wide portfolio of relevant data pertaining to Agriculture & Food processing, Livestock, Real estate, Transportation, Hospitality, livestock, construction, fisheries and Mining industries that are availed clients”

The Guul Group CEO said his desire to open services in Somaliland came in the course of similar activities in the UK where he discerned that most British Somalilanders wish to invest locally but lack relevant information on profitable investment opportunities that exist.

With this in mind the Guul group operatives in London who started conducting investment opportunities in Somaliland from 2009 and after having acquired sufficient data opened a branch office in Hargeisa in 2011.

“Since then and despite usual constraints associated with the Diaspora settling back in their native countries, and with the enthusiasm of clients served so far we have not looked back and Alhamdulillah Guul Group operations in Somaliland are thriving” Said Mr. Guleid.

Mr. Mohamed Guleid who is now based in Hargeisa says that his company’s drive for 2013 is to see to it that all prospective foreign investors and landers in the Diaspora are properly informed on investment opportunities in Somaliland.

Said he, “Apart from investments by foreigners, Guul Group intends to harmonize around 10% of the over $500,000 remittances sent to the country and redirect the small 10% chunk of this massive amount to lucrative investments that shall in-turn produce profits but local employment opportunities and improved livelihoods as well”

Though GG company is currently confining its operations in Somaliland it plans extend services to the wider Horn of Africa in the near future thus provide its increasing clientele wider investment opportunities.

According to Mr. Guleid this expansion shall be in cooperation with the London based Horn Africa Business Association-HABA, an organization he, Guleid, represents in Somaliland

“In addition to HABA, Guul Group is operating or investing with a number of diverse companies from different industries as part of its varied and growing portfolio across Somaliland thus the potential for its planned foray into the wider Horn of Africa region’ Informs the CEO

For those interested investors the Guul group CEO Mohamed Guleid informs that GG is the best bet since it provides investment opportunities with the aim of bringing and working with foreign investment and strategic alliance partners on projects in Somaliland markets, which earn considerable/realistic profits for the investors.

SL Investment‘Guul’ meaning ‘success’ in the Somali language has been incorporated with the English word ‘Group’ to portray and highlighting the amalgamation, collaboration and affiliation of successful Somali and foreign investors. Guul Group is a corporation that has a sizeable portfolio and is operating across a range of sectors that include agriculture, livestock, real estate and consultancy. Services provided include event & project management, marketing & branding, strategic private sector development, research & data collection we well as business planning.

In pursuit of this the GG has striven to establish and bolster trade within Somaliland for investors from abroad while drawing upon extensive local knowledge, experience and contacts it is well placed to facilitate commercial activity with impact.

The company is working assiduously to ensure that Guul Group remains both culturally aware and inclusive. The Group’s vision is guided by strong values of trust, credibility, quality, integrity and transparency. Pragmatic and principled in its dealings, GG is Realistic and reflective, yet constantly striving to serve its clients both current and prospective in a purposeful and professional manner.

The company is fully primed to invest and create in the region’s growing economy and it will contribute to the eventual growth of the region. For further information on investing with Guul Group and/or working in partnership please get in touch through or visit