Somaliland: Guul Group and DANIDA Hold Introductory Meeting


Somalilandsun: Denmark’s development engagement in Somaliland is based on the aspiration to contribute to a prosperous country able to cater for its own security and build institutions that can foster an inclusive economic, social and environmental sustainable development that assures individual security, the rights of the individual, and creates improved livelihood conditions.

In pursuit of this aspirations the DANIDA Chief technical advisor on economic and private sector development Troels Mahieu-Sorensen made an official tour in Somaliland where he parleyed various local stajkeholders from both the public and private sectors in Hargeisa.

At such a meeting held at the Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa Mathias Kjaer, Head of Office and DANIDA Programme Coordinator in Somaliland introduced Troels Mahieu-Sorensen, to Guul Group at as part of a short his short schedule.

DANIDA’s is creating jobs through the Nordic fund in a number of sectors, such as energy, health, fisheries and agriculture. Mahieu-Sorensen, on his first visit to Somaliland spoke of private sector development through the new EU ILED Programme, the Nordic fund and through IFC/World Bank work including supporting Banks in Somaliland, and of course Somaliland Development Fund.

Brief meeting on Guul Group providing trade, investment, business and entrepreneurship facilitation, encouraging investment from DANIDA, and Danish companies in exploring investment opportunities in Somaliland. Guul is encouraging Danish Diaspora to take interest in business and investment opportunities through DANIDA, Somaliland Government (specifically Diaspora Agency) and Guul Group’s Investor, Investment opportunity platform.

Previously DANIDA stated that Danish Support to the Somaliland has Impact

Guul Group tabled the possibility of co-developing a funded capacity building program to scale up Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in select sectors/value chains;  raise their capacity/standards/competitiveness and integrate them into Supply chains of  investors projects in fisheries, agriculture; Oil & Gas; Mining, Renewable Energy. Such collaboration could create investment ready opportunities and ventures via Guul Group Platform to add value to the funds the Danish government is providing

As part of its ambitious target of facilitating $100million, Guul is keen to organise events on Trade Missions, Conferences, Export Promotion: to promote opportunities and linkages between Denmark with Somaliland.