Somaliland: Gutter Press Practicing Journalists Swamp Country” Says Irro


As the Speaker of parliament and opposition Wadani party leader defends his visit to Turkey and laments misleading information produced by some local journalists he termed “Character assassination Specialists’
Irro with Leaders of Somalland students in Turkey

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – “While I am a politician thence used to false media reports about me, the election winds blowing fiercely in Somaliland have given birth to a cabal of journalists acting outside any known code.
This was stated by the speaker of Somaliland parliament Abdirahman Mohamed ‘Irro’ at a meeting with nationals studying in Turkey in the capital Ankara where h also divulged reasons behind the visit which has generated much debate and rumours in Somaliland.
“My visit to Turkey is to attend ceremonies marking the 100th anniversary of the WW1 battle of Gallipoli, known as Canakkale Victory Day for Turks upon official invitation by the Turkish government and afterwards attend to personal issues related to medical check-ups” said the Wadani party chief adding that some media houses back home have twisted these facts.
For the last couple of days discussions in Somaliland has been about an alleged meeting hosted by President Tayip Erdogan between Irro and the president of Somalia Hasan Sheikh who was also among the over 60 government and political leaders from countries world wide invited to the Gallipoli anniversary.
Irro who acknowledge the presence in Turkey of President Hasan brushed away their rumoured meeting in which he is alleged to have promised Presidents Erdogan and Hasan a smooth Somaliland Somalia reunion if elected head of state in 2016 elections in return for $4m campaign funds from Turkey.
Visibly perturbed the speaker of parliament wandered how naive some journalists in Hargiesa can be, thus stoop so low and come up and actually publish such a cheaply concocted misinformation, in spite of the fierce lection winds blowing.
While terming most journalists in Somaliland as hardworking and ethical Abdirahman Irro said he was at pains to fathom “How citizens expected to make informed decisions on important national issues if some of those with the mandate to provide them factual information were of lower intelligence and knowledge.

“The few journalists alleging my promises to facilitate re-union with Somalia are most likely not aware that the decision to separate from Somalia was made by 97% of citizens and issues pertaining to re-union has, is and shall forever remain their sole preserve” stressing on the impossibility of an individual even having the guts to touch upon the subject at whatever forum.
During the meeting in which the students brief on issues pertinent to their stay and schooling in various Turkish universities and polytechnics, Irro who also doubles as leader of Wadani party cum its presidential aspirant gave a concise update on prevalent status back home.
According to the Somaliland constitution Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Irro has the authority to be invited by foreign governments for discussion on issues relating to the nation but not in his personal capacity but in the office of Speaker of Parliament as well as leader of a national political party of which Wadani is.

Abdirahman Irro enjoys a strong Wadani party fronted nationwide support base
Meanwhile a letter published by the same cartel practicing Gutter Press in Somaliland allegedly written by Irro and submitted to both the government and parliament of Finland is so childishly faked that a sane person would not dare make it public for it will surely expose the writer’s illiteracy.
If indeed Irro wrote that letter as claimed by the cabal of Character Assassination specialist journalists who claim to have accessed it from reliable sources, then the sun surely rises in the North and sets in the equator and the moon is source of hat in addition to rain.
Reading the letter we at Somalilandsun were initially struck by surprise, gradually transforming to repugnance for the writer/s who’s IQ must be -1.
As we read the letter so did our bile rise and finally petrified started question why Irro who is a citizen of Finland and a fluent speaker of Finnish could not write to authorities in Helsinki in their mutual language.
While pondering the next move, in came relief in the person of Secretary to Parliament in Hargeisa Abdirahman Saeed Ayanle dismissing the letter as not only a fake but the worst fake he has ever seen. Statement to follow

As citizens continue to debate the alleged promise by Irro to that his presidency shall facilitate reunion with Somalia which is a taboo subject in Somaliland and the letter begging money from Helsinki authorities those clear headed are of the opinion that the rumours are tribally motivated and if true as is surely is, then the priority for campaign for Somaliland is not Sovereignty recognition but an anti-QABIIL immunization one.
Venting our Bile
For those QABIYALISTS who seriously believe that Iro is a member of a clan on the wrong side of the fence, as per current status, Let it not be forgotten that he is also the Speaker of Parliament and Leader of a legally registered political party thence a National leader worthy of similar respect with those of his ilk but from the presumed correct side of the fence.

It isnt possible that you haven’t noticed that QABIIL related fences no longer exist in Somaliland  

As for the gutter scribes who claim the information and letter on Irro’s traitorous activities were from reliable sources, kindly inform how you jumped from yesterdays’ opinion of Abdirahman Irro is not fit for the presidency to Todays’ that he cannot even write a single correct sentence in English, your actions are for the gutter while motives belong to the dustbin.
Wake up colleagues from you QABIL induced slumber and join in the march of a globe that is slowly turning to a village courtesy of advanced communication tools.
As for the Somalilandsun crew that comes from HABRMASAI clan we shall vote with our brains and not stomach or REER HEBEL Syndrome come 26TH June 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections.
Below is the said letter which we publish half-heartedly for reasons readers shall find apparent.

Warqadda Cirro
Watch parliament deny and castgat the letter to Finland