Somaliland: Governor Ramah of Awdal Castigates Borame Councillors for Lackluster Performance


Awdal regional Governor Ramaah inset wants the Borame Council members to shape up or ship out

By: Yusuf M Hasan
BORAME (Somalilandsun) – The current crop of elected civic leaders is unworthy of the offices and duties bestowed upon them by the public.
This was stated by the Awdal Regional Governor-RG Mahmud Suleiman Ramah during the opening of a Civic duties Management workshop sponsored by the Somaliland ministry of Labour for Members of the Borame Local Council.
Terming the country’s civic leaders and more so those of the Borame council as ignorant self-seeking individuals whose only motive for seeking elective office was to enrich themselves governor Ramah said,
“While congratulating the labour ministry for this seminar I am not hesitant in revealing that the Councillors in this local council plus their mayor have failed to fulfill their mandate to the people, not to mention to the employees of the council”
Wondering on the reasons behind the none payment of Borame council staff, the RG who told the councilors that the central coffers have already delivered the entire budgeted amount for the first quarter of the year, reasons behind dues payment was inexplicable.
In this unprecedented castigation of an entire local council in-Toto RG Ramah not only accused the councilors of being childish and ignorant of their mandate compared to their predecessors who were elderly and responsible leaders but a collection of sleek con artists with inflated egos.
Ordering the immediate payment t due remuneration owed Borame local council staff the administrator warned that non compliance will result in his office withholding any payment to the civic leaders themselves.
Upon completion of the fiery and candid speech by the Awdal Regional Governor Mahmud Suleiman Ramah the councilors went amok and started exchanging blows amongst themselves thus disrupting the workshop to a close.
For the duration of their five years in office members of the local council manning the services at the Awdal regional capital have now and again been embroiled in difficulties of one format or another due to existence of factions intent on gaining control of the Borame Mayoral Parlour.
While current limelight is in Borame, the entire country is engulfed by the same difficulties experienced their and RG Ramah is to be congratulated for having the guts to call a spade a spade.