Somaliland: Government Warns Dire Consequences on Resurgent Clan Clashes in Saanag Region

minister of livestock Saeed Sulub and minister of national development issue somaliland government statement on sanaag clashes

Somalilandsun: The government is responsible for securing lives and security of all citizens of Somaliland.

This was stated jointly by the minister of national planning and his livestock development counterpart during a press briefing in Hargeisa.

The minister’s statement was in reaction to resurged clan clashes in the Fadhi-gaab area of Saanag region where peace has become untenable despite numerous reconciliations.

First to address the presser was the minister of national planning Hasan Mohamed Ali ‘Gaafadhi’ who informed all and sundry that the government of Somaliland shall no longer stand aside as innocent lives were lost and property wantonly destroyed.

“The government hereby informs that continued clan clashes in Saanag region now resurgent in Fadhi-gaab area shall not be tolerated and all measures shall be taken to ensure safety of citizens” said minister Gaafaadhi adding that

“Combatants should not expect regularly reconciliation meetings that end up with peace agreements that are then broken at will”

Stressing that all measures to sustain peaceful co-existence between the Habarchelo sub clan of Biida and the habaryonis sub clan of Saad yonis have been exhausted minister Gaafaadhi said only route left for the state is to use all open and legal channels   to bring peace

“The administration of president Muse Bihi shall deal with the clashing clans using all means at its disposal” revealed Gaafadhi

According to the minister of fisheries and livestock development Saied Sulub Muhumed the never ending clashes between clans resident in El-afwein district of Saanag region can no longer be tolerated”

“Despite several years of regular reconciliations clan clashes within El-afewin district especially in daraweine and faadhi-gaab locations refuse to go away” said minister Sulub adding that the administration of president Bihi vowed to protect civilians shall now take the necessary actions”

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“This clashes between the two brotherly sub-clans seems to have become a tradition that results in deaths and destruction” adding that the re-conciliatory efforts by the government and traditional leaders has been total ignored

President Muse Bihi In Eel Afweine Town Sanaag Region 25th November 2018

This statement by the two ministers comes in the heels a message of peace extended to the two sub clans by president Muse Bihi who informed that apart from the destruction it causes the republic of Somaliland was currently not in a position to deal with the nuisance from the east as the country was involved in battling the Corona virus pandemic

Watch president Bihi’s message of peace to eastern Sanaaag