Somaliland: Government to Intervene Forcefully if Sool Clans Continue Clashing


Sool governor mustafe shine with somaliland ministers led by waranade

By: Omar Mohamed Farah
Somalilandsun- Somaliland’s Interior Minister, Ali Mohamed Waran’ade has sent warning messages to the two clans engaged in deadly skirmishes that erupted recently in Sool region where more than ten people lost their lives and others suffered injuries.

The Minister expounded that they could take military steps any side of the both two clans tries to refuse the peace building reconciliation, Minister of interior released this statement after when he arrived Lasanod, capital of Sool region on Sunday.
“I am highly clarifying well our deepest sorrow of the combat between the two brotherly communities which caused the lost of more innocent citizens. We are confirming our commitment of solving and eradicating the hostility between the two sides,” Minister of interior Said.
“We are sending peace appeal to the two sides and clearly ensuring that Somaliland’s government would enforce the peace and stability of the country we would take military measures any side which opposes the reconciliation of the dispute between the two communities.”
Minister Waran-adde have thanked the elders and local elites involved to end up the differences and hostility among the sides whom fought in Dharkeyn-geye, a village 90km from the Lasanod regional capital.

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