Somaliland: Government to Establish Private Sector Employees Data Bank


“All private sector employers, International and Local NGOs as well as UN bodies are asked to register their employees both local and Expatriates” Ministry of Labour

By: Yusuf M HasanDG Mohamed Galayd

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government is intent on establishing a roster of all non-state employees working in the country.

In a press statement released by the ministry of Labour and Social Services-MoL&SS, all employers in the private, humanitarian and development sectors have been asked to consult the ministry as per the way forward.

The ministry’s Director General-DG Mohamed Muse Abdi ‘Galayd’ who signed the statement informed that the exercise is geared towards the ease of facilitating on-going government studies on prevalent labour statistics.

Said he, “As part of the administration’s endeavour to create employment opportunities the MoL&SS is conducting relevant studies thus the need to chronicle the existing labour force in its entirety”

In elaboration DG Galayd who informed that the civil Service Commission has availed his ministry the figure of civil servants in the country who number 12243 said private figures are imperative thus a clear picture of prevalent status as well as gaps.

Rising employment especially among youthful graduates said to be pursuing Tahrib (illegal immigration) at an of 150 a month has raised nationwide concerns that resulted in the president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo establishing a specific committee on Illegal immigration and Creation of Employment composed of six cabinet ministers.

Earlier this week the presidential committee, Chaired by the minster of labour and social services Mahmud A Barre ‘Garad’ informed that it shall release results of studies undertaken on the root causes of the Tahrib menace.

According to DG Galayd of the MoL&SS who also dispatched to all private, Local & International NGOs and UN bodies the ministry is exercising the authority to register their staffers both local and foreign as emanates and pursuant to the private sector employees law #31/2004, section 3, subsection 2-2.1

The registration which is targeting all gainful employed citizens and foreigners alike at all levels nationwide has as per the DG’s letter not indicated when the final data is due since a start date or deadline for commencement of data submission wasn’t given.

The labour registration does not address SMEs like this Money changer in HargeisaWhile urging all concerned to expedite availability of the required data the ministry of labour and social services pledge to not only treat the submitted information as required by law but to not utilize the same for victimization of either employer or employee.

While this is a long overdue move the main hurdles to the obtainability of factual figures is most likely to be caused by the fact that various companies are known to recruit most skilled and unskilled labour from foreigners who are in the country illegally.

In order to ensure that the ministry acquires factual data and the country does not miss on the services provided by these illegals it would be worthwhile for a general amnesty, coupled with legalization of their status be provided the illegals.

Another area that the study needs to explore avenues for data compilation is within the Small Market Enterprises-SMEs in which a major segment of families derive their livelihoods both in urban and rural areas.