Somaliland: Government to Establish Postal Services


As posts and Telecommunications says Telecoms operating in the country shall be held to Account for nonpayment of taxes and interconnectivity

Posts Minister M. J Abgali

By: Guleid Abdi Makhir

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The minister of Postal and Telecommunication Mr. Mohamed Jama Abgali has revealed that his ministry will hold telecommunication companies to account for government revenues.

Addressing a press conference in his office Mr. Jama said that most of these companies are not properly taxed. He said that his ministry is going to link all mobile and landline phones so that different networks work together.

“Before the start of 2014 and in earnest we are going to take from these companies all taxes they owe the government of which the interest of the country and their interest rely on,” said the minister who vowed to effect this act whether it costs him his job or not, in apparent reference to a predecessor who was fired after he tried to force the telecoms to pay taxes and interconnect.

He also said that his ministry is going to kick off the postal services in the country before the start of the next year for the first time in the 22 years history of Somaliland.

Mr. Jama added that he will start gthe postal services with governmental institutions before going public.