Somaliland: Government Snuffs out the Principles of Leadership and Development.


”Somaliland, a nation that never looks at its surrounding environments and Regional issues and kidnapped for rookies ” Mr.Daad).

By: Ahmed Mohamed ADEN ( Mr. Daad),

In the mid of a mass migration of its young and productive age groups, Somaliland still lacks an inspiring leaders who can fulfil the nation’s born agendas as a place honourable and suitable for its citizens to enjoy basic rights. The current ruling government must have strategically changed its discouraging and dull technocracy which totally lacks a leadership and developmental vision in all aspects, and in such they will only lose their potential credits to further rule.

The whole nation is overwhelmingly obsessed with idea of recognition-finding like a needle in haystack instead of reshaping Somaliland as a natural state fulfilling the needs of its citizens rather than encouraging them to involve in human trafficking, the obvious horror of our people. In the arena of combating social ills including water shortage and skyrocketing price of utilities, in respect to Somaliland’s current leadership and direction seems far from that arena and far detached from the reality but entertaining abstract idea of attaining recognition to stuff up their pockets and enrich their cronies. A momentum effort must be given to the youth to create lively developmental directions to enable constructive ideas on the ground that will boost the country economically and attract both global and regional attention. The country ‘s third most exported and locally collected ” Gums and Resins Sector” next to livestock and livestock products lacks an attention in to be included in countries’ Strategic National Development Plan 2013-2016; and won’t make performance in any other sector.

The private sector, the moving engine of the national dying economy led by entrepreneurs came up with an ideas of investing in multimillion projects like Coca Cola plant of Somaliland Beverage Industries, Berbera Cement factory, Genel Energy, Petrosoma and others but unconstrained and smooth operation of all these projects was never possible. They all encountered problems which led some of them fail due to the governments’ lack of clear strategies, policies, national frameworks and inabilities of government institutions. The renowned Nepotistic Rule of Siilanyo’s government and widely recognized presidential power exercised by opportunistic individuals in the technocratic government also triggered the failure.

Had Somaliland current leaders opened their eyes, they could have seen the giant projects going on the neighbouring countries: Ethiopia’s fast growing manufacturing industry with foreign investment firms like giant companies like Samsung, H & M, Unilever, Nestle and others sniffing around to invest are often told to hold on. Djibouti is also building a Multi-Purpose port and Damerjog livestock terminal advertised on Capital Newspaper in Addis to be the natural gateway of Ethiopia. Both countries seems magnet of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), while Somaliland seems unattractive in terms of regional investment due to probably narrow-mindedness of their leadership who often tell hilarious remarks like “the Pentagon has recognized Somaliland to entertain their audience and rob the meagre resources of the country and the levied taxes from their poor folks in open market in Africa’s cruel sun”.

The nation’s poorly aggregated leadership must have polished the way they lead and design developmental activities so they fragile state can create smooth and attractive gate for Ethiopia’s fast growing export sector. They better also learn how energetic developmental elements are being composed at the nearest Somali Regional State which is led by young active leaders unlike the rookies in Somaliland.

After 22 years, Somaliland is still a fragile state and susceptible to various conflicts and insecurity resulting from resource, land and rights based conflict. All of these conflicts happened during the current governments’ rule and put an end to some giant developmental activities as Genel Energy leaves out the country. The state misses a framework to manage the public land tenure due to the narrow-mindedness of some of its leaders except few areas as the whole land turns to private and tribe owned land, and then entrepreneurs are obliged to buy land as they decide to invest and government is never able to provide a single plot for one never making free trade zones.

The Somaliland State led by rookies is in apparent transition to clannish system of Arabia in the 17 centuries where Arab tribes slice the throat of each. The inexperienced politicians who incubated mismanagement, favouritism, and political malpractice.; the unnoticed dilemma at the hands of the Somaliland public is to avoid the rule of a wacky group exercising the power of the shadow president Siilaanyo otherwise the public will see their nation slip to death again after regaining independence from the rest of Somalia in the nineties.

Somaliland, a nation that never looks at its surrounding environments and regional issues and has been kidnapped by rookies, such messy state could lead to endanger the region like the rest of Somalia and could incubate militants as these inexperienced ruling group pays no attention to the facts on the ground besides some of these rookies allegedly had previous relationships with militancy and radical groups in the region.

Ahmed Mohamed ADEN ( Mr. Daad),

Business Development Expert,


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia