Somaliland: Government Sharing Country’s Perspectives at the World Economic Forum 2014


DR Omar (L) at the world economic forum in Abuja Nigeria with Foreign minister Mohamed Behi

By: Yusuf M Hasan

ABUJA (Somalilandsun) – The minister of trade and investment Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar and minister of foreign affairs Mohamed Behi Yonis of Somaliland are attending the World Economic Forum-WEF in Abuja in Nigeria.

Delegations from more than 35 countries including presidents, prime ministers, ministers and economic as well trade leaders from all over the world are attending.

This year, the conference is about the economic growth in Africa as pertains to Problems of trade, tariff, export and finance are being debated with and among world economic leaders.

The Two Somaliland ministers shall rub shoulders with 7 African presidents and the Chinese prime minister who are leading the conference.

Ministers Behi and Dr Omar are participating in these global debates upon official invitation and in a bid of sharing Somaliland’s perspectives with the participants.

The conference was opened by President Jonathan Good luck of Nigeria on the 6 May and finishes on Friday 9 May.