Somaliland: Government Sets Up Anti-FGM Committee

Somaliland Announces Anti-FGM Committee

Somalilandsun -Somaliland Minister of Religious Affairs Sheikh Khalil Abdullahi Ahmed has announced a committee of scholars to combat female genital mutilation.

Speaking at an event in Hargeisa, Minister Khalil called on government agencies to work with the committee and to harmonize the law with their work.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Religion, we are committed to combating female genital mutilation and working with all stakeholders in this field, implement the vision to protect our women and safeguard their dignity, we have as Muslims and nationally as our religion mandates.” Said minister Khalil.

Minister Khalil added; “As a minister I hereby announce a nine-member cleric committee, which will be the official committee dealing with the issue of female genital mutilation, his committee will be directly under the Ministry of Religion and Welfare, and will formally work on the strategy of dealing with the issue of Female Genital Mutilation, which needs to be in line with Islamic law. ”

It’s the first time a Somaliland government tackles the FGM issue, and it will be interesting to see how the committee deals with this contentious issue.

Source: SD