Somaliland: Government Officials Touring Europe Meet with Welsh Parliamentarians .


Somalilandsun- An official Somaliland governent delegation visiting Europe has conferred   with  members of Wales parliament.

Led by the minister for Coordination of Council Assemblies for constitutional affairs Hon. Mohammed Adan Elmi, Justice Minister Hon. Abdiqani Mohammud Ateye, Attorney General Hon. Hassan Ahmed Adan and Private Consultatnt to the Coordination of Council of Assemblies for Constitutional affairs ministry Mr. Abdikarim the officials have held several meeting with various UK officials in their British tour.

The latest meeting which is one of the several in their marathon meets saw them hold talks with the Wales members of parliament at the National Assembly of Wales (Sennedd).

Somaliland: Government Officials Touring Europe Pose at the Welsh Parliament after meeting members

They focused on ways and means of fostering the long-time relations that the state of Wales, and by extension the UK, had with Somaliland.

They likewise extended an invitation to the MPs to pay to Somaliland.

The leaders also went to Cardiff University whereby many of students in the institution originate from Somaliland. They expressed a wish of having such a technical institute of its caliber be established in the country.

They were received by the institution’s head who pledged to aid in research and feasibility studies for Somaliland’s needs.

By: M.A.Egge