Somaliland: Government Ministers Tussle Over diarrhea Drugs Supply


As Cracks In the Silanyo Administration Go Overt As the health and public works Ministers contradict one another over source of Diarrhea Drugs Supply in Burao

Over 20 have died since the diarrhea outbreak in Burao town of Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun- While the outbreak of acute diarrhea in Burao town in the east of the country is worrisome following the death of over 20 people and hospitalization of hundreds the subsequent war of words by ministers is poignant.
As the outbreak response took urgency Somalilanders were glad upon much publicized news that public and works Minster Ali Marehaan has out of his own pockets bought a large consignment of drugs as well as hired the plane that delivered the drugs to Burao which he represented in parliament before he was appointed to the cabinet.
“Following the lack of diarrhea treating medicines in Burao I was forced to personally purchase and deliver a plane load of related medication from Mogadishu that I proudly deliver here today” said Minister Ali Marehan in Burao town.
A day later the minister praising public was amazed to hear from the minister of health and Toghdeer regional health coordinator reveal that the consignment of medicines claimed by the works minister was actually a donation by the ICC.
“We extend our thanks to ICRC for this contribution that finally negates the shortage of Diarrhea treating medicines” the health officials duo said at the Burao airport
Similarly the Toghdeer regional governor Suleiman Ramaah added his voice to the Marehan contribution rebuttal by stating that “thanks to concerted efforts by the government and partners Burao is now full of Diarrhea treating medicines”
The dubious saga of the diarrhea medicines supply saga started when Minister Ali Marehaan held a press conference in which he said “ while on official business in Berbera I was informed that there is failure in containing the diarrhea outbreak in Burao town due to lack of medicines” adding that his information revealed that this malady was due to lackluster performance by ministry of health.

what was the real source of the drugs
Stating that this was shocking information minister Marehaan said that he immediately contacted Libaan and Imaan pharmaceutical distributors in Hargeisa who informed that sufficient quantities of the required drugs at only available to n the Mogadishu Warehouse.
“Upon completing purchase arrangements with Libaan and Imaan, I hired a plane from Nairobi that went to collect the drugs in Mogadishu and now delivered to Burao” boasted minister Ali Marehaan

This Ali Marehaan press conference was held at the Burao airport with the plane load of medicines as Background.
As the public in Burao and all over Somaliland went wild with happiness in came a shocker from the minister of health Dr Suleiman Isse Haglatosie, “I hereby congratulate the ICRC for responding to our medicine appeal now here delivered”
Telling the nation that Burao was now with sufficient d its to fully respond to the outbreak minister Haglatosie also revealed that subsequent shipments are expected from WHO.
Adding his voice to the now bizarre incident of who actually availed the much needed drugs was the minister Haglatosie flanking Toghdeer regional governor Suleiman Ramaah who said concerted efforts to arrest the outbreak on Burao town and elsewhere in Somaliland was solely credited to the government.
The only to support the Minister Marehaan “from my personal pockets medicines contribution” was the deputy finance minister who attested to the fact that he was with public works top honcho when he made the purchase and plane hire.
“Minister Marehaan was very much jolted by hearing that there were no drugs to treat the outbreak in Burao” said the deputy finance minister Ali Mohamed Ahmed.
But a discernible incensed health minister Dr Suleiman Haglatosie did not mince words in countering the deputy finance minster’s assertion that drugs were scarce in Burao, “our medical stores are full and more are trickling in” he said
Somaliland public works minister Ali Marehaan and health minister Dr Haglatosie But a day later and in a very gloomy mood the health minister and Toghdeer regional governor jointly told a presser in Burao that the drugs delivery they attributed to ICRC was actually a donation by none other than the public works minister Ali Marehaan
All and sundry could discern that the two officials were only Administration brick mending following the surprise the whole saga had elicited in the country.
While many have claimed that the Administration of president Silanyo does not work on Tandem this diarrhea medicines saga brings to forth the fact that “THE RIGHT HAND of THE SOMALILAND GOVERNMENT DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE LEFT IS DOING!!
In the meantime many are still hospitalized while new diarrhea infections continue in Burao as the nation worries where next the outbreak as the Minster tussle

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