Somaliland: Government Investigating Retrieved Foreign Military Ordnance” Admiral Osman


Somaliland Coast Guards display the retrived militray ordnance

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A security team composed locals and a foreign advisor is investigating Torpedo shaped machine retrieved from the Gulf of Aden by the Somaliland coast guard.
This was revealed by admiral Ahmed aw Osman the commander of the Somaliland coast guard during an exclusive interview with reporter Idiris M Hasan of Dawan Media group at the coast guard command headquarters in Hargeisa where citizens were also urged to distance themselves from the yet to be indentified ordnance.
“TheAdmiral Osman says investigators on the ground coast guard found a suspected missile within national territorial waters around Bulahar to the west of Berbera” said Adm. Osman while revealing that a team of experts is currently engaged in activities geared towards identifying what the torpedo shaped ordnance is.
According to the Admiral initial indications are that 8m wide and 1m long machine with English language inscriptions is either an air/ground to air missile usually ported by military attack craft both helicopters and airplanes .
“This is mostly likely a missile and so far the only thing we are hundred percent sure of is, its size and that it has been in waters for between a week to 10 days” added Admiral Ahmed Aw Osman.
Also salvaged together with the mysterious military tool is an airplane rudder like implement suspected to have faced the same fate as the missile.
Meanwhile and awaiting the coast guard investigation report Somalilandsun consultations with a military expert indicate that the torpedo shaped machine recovered is actually a long range fuel tank for either a combat airplane or attack helicopter.

A-jet-fighter-bomber with attached long range fuel tank similar to one retrieved in somaliland
Being the first time for the Coast guard to report retrieval of such in Somaliland territorial waters opinion is that the Military craft inundated Gulf of Aden is home to such and the recently uplifted capabilities of the country’s naval force coupled with EUCAP Nestor training are now bearing fruits.