Somaliland: Government Hosts Amina Ali and her Delegation from SL Diaspora in Tower Hamlets


Councillor Amina Ali of Tower Hamloets and aspiring Labour MP in the country with a strong Diaspora delegation

Somalilandsun – A number of Somaliland government key ministries, deputy ministries, directors general, councillors from Burao Municipality, officials from Somaliland Diaspora Agency and other senior government officials warmly received Tower Hamlet Councillor Member Amina Ali accompanied with other activists of the Somaliland Diaspora in Tower Hamlet who are the community behind the historic success of Tower Hamlets recognition of Somaliland. The delegation was received at the VIP Lounge of Egal International Airport in Hargeisa. “We are here to welcome Councillor Amina Ali and other members in her delegation from Tower Hamlets. We are showing our gratitude and thanks for their role in the Tower Hamlets Recognition of Somaliland and also twinning Burao and Tower Hamlets at the same time. We are saying welcome with open hands and frank faces in your country of origin” said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Hon. Ahmed Aden Ismail (Kayse).

All the government ministries thanked Amina Ali who is a Somalilander member of Tower Hamlets’ Council, the other activists, volunteers and the whole Somaliland Diaspora community in that district of London who had efforts and contribution in the motion of Somaliland recognition approved by the Council of Tower Hamlets on 18th November 2015 as well as twinning Burao and Tower Hamlets Councils.

The Ministries highly appreciated their achievements and patriotic role in the assistance of Somaliland. They also thanked the other kind members of that Council and the close friends of Somaliland in Tower Hamlets who put their voice in the decision of Tower Hamlet’s decision.

Councillor Amina Ali thanked Somaliland government for the high welcome forwarded to her delegation and she stated she would continue to strengthen cooperation of Tower Hamlets and Somaliland and particularly twinning Municipalities of Burao and Tower Hamlets.

The other Diaspora members that accompanied Amina Ali in her delegation were Abdirashid Gulaid, Bashir Jama, Mohamed Barre, Mohamed Hussein and Nimo Yusuf consisting of activists, volunteers, committee members etc.

In addition, the twinning of the two municipalities of Burao and Tower Hamlets is an opportunity for Burao city to develop in the infrastructural and public service utilities, during their stay home, the team of Council Amina Ali will conduct different meetings with key institutions and will travel to Burao city to meet Burao Local Council and visit different places and needs.

The Somaliland Ministries and the other government officials who received this delegation at Egal International Airport on Sunday 7th March, 2016 included:-

– Hon. Ahmed Aden Ismail (Kayse) Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

– Hon. Omer Sheikh Farah Minister of Aviation & Air Transport

– Hon. Osman Abdilahi Sahardid (Addani) Minister of Information & National Awareness

– Hon. Ahmed Nur Fahiye, State Minister of Aviation & Air Transport

– Hon. Mohamed Muse Abees, State Minister of Presidency

– Mr. Abib Ali, Director General of the Ministry of Education & Higher Studies

– Mr. Hassan Ahmed Yusuf, Executive Director of SLDA

– Ms. Fatima Ahmed Mohamed, Director of Diaspora Relations of SLDA

– Mr. Arab Mohamed Hussein Mohamed, Public Relations Consultant of SLDA

– Mr. Abdilahi Saeed Jama, Activist from SL Diaspora in Tower Hamlets

– Councillor Rashid Farah Ali, Member of Burao Local Council

– Councillor Abdirazak Mohamed Jama (Aar), Member of Burao Local


Tower Hamlets is the third council that recognized Republic of Somaliland in UK after the decisions of Sheffield and Cardiff municipal councils in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Source: Somaliland Diaspora Agency

Hargeisa, Somaliland

7th March 2016