Somaliland: Government Gears up For Meaningful Education


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Somalilandsun – Education is vital in any country of the world and Somaliland is no exception. The ministry of education in Somaliland bears responsibility to deliver good quality education to its people. And one of the major objectives of the ministry of education is to impart a great deal of knowledge for teachers as teachers’ knowledge is important in increasing students’ knowledge. To this end, the minister of education Prof Farah Elmi Gedole in recognition of the ministry of education’ responsibility appointed curriculum development committee and set up a teacher training institute for the first time in the history of Somaliland.

In fact the ministry of education was lacking these vital departments as local emerging universities had filled the gap for teacher trainings where as the responsibilities of curriculum development were borne entirely by UN and INGo’s involved in the education sectors. It was a good start and great in those years, but certainly the job was not efficient and smooth manner. It was widely believed that the trainee did not get good quality teaching and education from the institutions that took the contract from INGO and UN agencies for various reasons, including to that of lack of seriousness, and lack of upholding in quality and efficiency in imparting education.

Prof GedooleWith this act, Prof Farah Elmi Gedole in fulfilling his duty as a Minister of Education appointed for the first time in the history of Somaliland teacher training institute and curriculum committee. The former will train the teachers in all sectors of education and will make sure that teachers are first selected by the ministry of education on the basis of their training needs. In addition to, the ministry of education will make certain that these trainees get the quality of education as required by them. At this, the trainings will allow them to pursue further studies.

Unlike before, the trainings will be done by Teacher Training Institute for the registered teachers and those working in the private sectors that are in need of trainings. However, this in line with what we have expected from MOE objectives. At this, the role of universities is to partner with the ministry of education for innovation strategy of the education system in the country and adapting to new technology in the sector.

However, the curriculum committee will review the existing curriculum in the country and make necessary improvements in this regard. The committee will also look into other curriculums operating in unconventional schooling system as a way of improvement and development. The ministry of education strives to revitalize the education system in the country to make on a par with those of developed countries.

Increased new school registration and reduction in dropout rates in Somaliland schoolsMoreover, they will also explore new ways and means to strengthen management for educational institution. Therefore, we need to congratulate for the ministry of education in gearing up for meaningful change in the education sector of the country.


Abdiqani Muse Jama ( indho Shaahle)