Somaliland: Government Enhances Presence in East of Sanaag Region


Hon A M Hasan raises the Somaliland flag upon arrival in Las QorayResidents of Las qoray and Badan districts embrace the Somaliland Flag and request immediate services from the Hargeisa Based central government as deputy energy and water minister makes historic visit.

By: Yusuf M Hasan

LAS QORAY (Somalilandsun) – The flag of Somaliland flies undisputed in the eastern parts of Sanaag region hitherto contested by Puntland.

Residents of Las qoray district have appealed for immediate services from the central government in Hargeisa from where such services have been unavailable for two decades.

The appeal was made by elders and leaders of the eastern port town during an ongoing tour by the deputy minister of Energy, Water and Mineral Resources-MEW&MR Hon Abdisalan Mohamed Hasan who is on an official tour of Easter districts of Sanaag region as reported by Bakayle our eastern Sanaag stringer.

Before arrival in Las Qoray town where the flag of Somaliland adorned all buildings the Deputy minister and his entourage consisting of senior administration officials and traditional leaders sojourned in the Habash Aw Ali trading Centre where jubilant residents briefed on their pressing service’s needs.

On arrival in Las qoraLas Qoray welcomes Minister Hasan with flagsy Hon A.M Hasan who was met by a large crowd of residents inspected a guard of honour mounted by units of the national army whose commander Major Mohamed Salah Tusbahle welcomed the entourage saying, “Sir welcome to Las Qoray town where you become the first government official to visit from Hargeisa, we assure you of the town’s security and ask you to feel free in your duties as this is your home”

Before addressing the multitude of residents at a primary school situated in the Centre of the port city the deputy minister inspected various infrastructure and government facilities like the road connecting Las qoray and Baran district, District hospital, Central police station, local government offices, and the SAFKO fishers association where respective officials briefed on prevalent status of the institutions and pressing needs.

While inspecting the Geel Dora road that connects Baran and Las Qoray the deputy minister’s entourage was informed that the road which is in a deplorable condition needs urgent attention after twenty years of neglect.

After his inspection the deputy minister flanked by district leaders and security officials addressed residents who he thanked for their warm welcome accorded his delegation as well as their coHon Hasan at the Hagaftimo primary schoolmmitment to Somaliland that has ensued with the complete removal of any persons owing allegiance to Puntland.

Speaking at the function Sultan Hasan Ali Jibril said that residents of Las Qoray who are living in peace following the ejection of militias loyal to Puntland now require public services thus improve livelihoods within the populace.

Similar sentiments were expressed by several speakers who spoke on behalf of local government, civil society organizations, Women groups etc. who also thanked Hon Abdisalan M Hasan for being the senior most government official to visit them.

Thanking the residents for their hospitality and continued peaceful co-existence the deputy minister said that their need for public services such as education, health, roads etc. shall be a thing of the past once he returns to the capital Hargeisa.

Said he, “I solemnly promise you that your cries shall reach the highest office in the land where subsequent response is anticipated.

Before travelling to LasHadaftimo raises the SL flag Qoray the government delegation visited Baran district where it was similarly welcomed and hosted by residents and leaders of Hagaftimo town.

The deputy minister conducted various inspection tours in places like Schools, Water Borehole, Hagaftimo women’s group, local government and security offices where he was briefed on status and needs.

This is the first time for a government delegation to visit the eastern parts of Sanaag since after militias aligned to Puntland were dislodged by security forces following reconciliation between the government and residents effected by areas traditional leaders last year.