Somaliland: Government-Donors Reexamine 2012 Partnership Achievements and 2013 Strategies


UNDP is main government partnerBy: Khadija Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A one day meeting between the government and its multiple donors concurred on successful achievements of planned joint activities for the year 2012.

Participants at The meeting which was held at local Hargeisa hotel who also strategized on the way forward for planned joint projects for 2013 included from the government side the ministries of planning, livestock development, Agriculture, Finance, Public works and Housing as well as the police commissioner while donor’s agencies led by the UNDP were represented by senior personnel.

The country with over 200 international donor organizations and several UN agencies registered sees the government directly implement substantial projects courtesy of partnership with these organizations whose main share of development funding is channeled through local civil society organizations.

At another similar meeting held last week between the two entities saw the minister of planning supported by senior government officials from eastern regions asked the international agencies to establish operations in those regions as a matter of urgency.

According to the minister of planning Dr Sa’ad Ali Shire the meeting was intended for not only revisiting past achievements, strategizing on 2013 but to establish a conducive environment between the donor-government partnerships

International donor organizations whose interventions have seen several developments in the country have on the other hand refrained from establishing development activities in the eastern regions of Sanaag and Sool.