Somaliland: Government Denies Berbera Port Deal


Foreign Minister Dr Mohamed A Omar Says no deal entered for Berbera Port“Our meeting with DPW concerned developmental support” Dr. Mohamed A Omar

DUBAI (Somalilandsun) – The purported contract giving Dubai Ports World operational management of Berbera port has been denied.

In an interview with the Somalilandsun the Somaliland foreign minister Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar said that the purported deal signed in Dubai was a malicious and false. He informed that though a meeting was held with the Dubai Ports World, nothing pertaining to operational control of Berbera port were discussed nor agreed upon, Said he, “Our discussions with DPW centred on developmental support for various ports in the country and consensus was reached for further discussions”

Some media house including the Somalilandsun have published articles attributed to a source within the delegation that requested anonymity as pertains to the signing off of operational management of the Berbera port to DPW in return for infrastructural and Human resource development and 35% of profits.

The foreign minister who has in the recent past achieved accolades for successfully leading the first face to face talks between Somaliland and Somalia in London also informed that the date of president Silanyo’s visit to Kenya has not yet been fixed while the president’s entourage now in Dubai will return to the country next Tuesday.

Dr Mohamed Abdilahi’s information as per the purported deal with DPW will certainly put a stop to debates that have ensued in the country as per the merits and demerits of the transfer to Dubai Ports World.