Somaliland: Government Declares Natural Resources as State Owned


President Silanyo: All Natural Resources belong to the nationBy: Hasan O Horri

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – President Silanyo has warned against subvert government efforts to tap the country’s abundant natural resources.

In a circular Ref: JSL/M/WM/222-1689/042013 addressing the issue natural resources tapping the president who said that it was the duty and responsibility of the government to develop natural resources for the benefit of citizens ordered all relevant state agencies to take necessary action against anyone subverting such activities.

Quote- The government has the mandate to see to it that natural resources abundant in the country are made beneficial and as you are aware surveys are currently on-going especially as pertains to oil and gas which are public property.


To this effect and in pursuit of section 4, Article 12 of the constitution the central government is undertaking all necessary actions to see to it that the natural resources in the country are beneficial to society thus inform citizens to respect and assist these government efforts and cooperate with involved state agencies.

At the same time all involved state agencies are ordered to take appropriate action against those intent on disrupting these activities in the guise of protecting their clan or areas of residence which might impinge negatively on prevalent security and co-existence. Unquote