Somaliland: Government Condemns Magistrate’s Assassination Attempt


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The condition of assassination attempt Magistrate Abdirashid Duraan is sound though doctors recommend a few more days of observation.

This was revealed by the Interior minister Hon Duur Arale during a press briefing in Hargeisa where he revealed that security forces are in hot pursuit of the two perpetrators who shot the magistrate in the early morning as he left a most after morning prayers.

Hon Duur who said that the attempt on the life of a public servant was a cheap tactic geared towards paralyzing administration promised citizens continued security and full public services as usual, Said he, “The government does not only promise security but services as usual”

The interior minister further revealed that the early morning assassination attempt against the Hargeisa magistrate was perpetrated by two gunmen who shot three bullets but only one hit the magistrate thus an injury that ensued with his transfer to Djibouti for specialized medical attention.

While urging citizens to be vigilant against enemies of the country, he promised quick apprehension of the two assassins since police investigators have very concrete leads.

The immediate transfer of Magistrate Duraan to a Djibouti hospital was as a result of intervention by the president H.E. Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo who upon visiting the injured magistrate at Gaargar Hospital ordered for a chartered plane.

Last Sunday judge Duraan presided over a case in which 3 government officials were convicted of embezzlement and fraud. A former adviser to President Silanyo was sentenced to 1 year with the other two officials sentenced to 3 years.

While no connection has been established yet between the shooting and corruption case judgment, speculation is rife that this might be an Al-shabaab operation meant to sow seed of hatred among residents of the capital city.

At the same, the chief justice Yusuf Ismail Ali, promised Somalilanders continued provision of impartial justice despite the heinous act that was perpetrated against a serving magistrate, Said he, “We have sworn an oath of service that will not be derailed by bullets from assassins”

Others to condemn the heinous act include traditional/political/religious leaders, intellectuals, civil servants and civil society organizations.