Somaliland: Government Commits to Expedited Drought and Covid-19 Mitigation

President Bihi chairs, Virtually, the 73rd session of the Somaliland council of Ministers

Somalilandsun: The government of Somaliland has extended condolences o family and relatives of citizens who have succumbed to Covid-19.
At the same time the government wished all those currently ailing from the virus a fast recovering while pledging all necessary actions.
This pledge was made during the 73rd Session of the Council of Ministers which was chaired by the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Musa Bihi, flanked by his deputy , Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli and held virtually.
According to statement issued by the presidential press office Reports were heard from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Health and Religious Development and Endowments.
Similarly the council made it known that the administration is very clear on its commitment towards the conduct of a timely free a d Fair parliamentary and local Councils elections as slated this 31st May.

The council also heard reports from the two sub-committees of the Cabinet, the Drought Committee and the Covid 19 Committee, and agreed that the problems of Covid 19, drought and water scarcity can be resolved through unity, solidarity and the prayers of God. The two committees reported as follows:
1. Drought Committee Report
Ø In the last 16 (sixteen) days, the Government has delivered 6,650 barrels of water to 133 villages (one hundred and thirty three) in Togdheer, Sool, Sanaag, Saraar and Marodi-jeex regions. totaling forty-seven thousand dollars ($ 47,000).
Ø To obtain water, and driven out of the water shortage the government rehabilitated wells located in the regions of Sool, Sanaag, Togdheer, ivory-slice, Coal, television and independence, which cost three thousand seven hundred four and thirty thousand dollars ($ 73,734).

Somaliland covid-19 update January to March 22nd 2021
  1. Covid Board Report 19
    The population of Somaliland has so far received 17,000 (seventeen Thousand) Covid vaccines.
    Ø That a national conference will be held on Sunday with the participation of the country’s business community to discuss ways to raise funds to purchase vaccines, as the current vaccine is not enough for the Somaliland community, and then operate as a vaccine. to be brought to the country.
    Ø Some of Somaliland’s friends who have promised to bring vaccinations to the country.
    As the number of deaths and falls is increasing, the council has decided to suspend preparations for the 30th anniversary of May 18, 2021, and to raise funds for the May 18 commemoration. Drought and Covid 19.
Residents of eastern regions of Somaliland are undergoing water shortage caused by recurring droughts
  1. The Council also heard a report from the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, who briefed the Council on the Horn of Africa and the international political crisis. He acknowledged that Somaliland was pursuing a policy of security and pursuing its own interests, and that it was committed to maintaining its neutrality in the Horn of Africa.
  2. Finally, the council decided that the election would not be suspended due to the drought and disease of Covid 19, and that the election would be held on time, but that the efforts and operations of the drought and Covid 19 would be accelerated.
73rd session of the Somaliland cabinet