Somaliland: Government Clamps Down on Reporting and Disbursing Tribal or Clan Based News


Interior minister Waranade puts a gag on tribal reporting in somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government is clamping hard on the profusion of clan related information meant for public consumption an action that will see errant media houses loose their operating licenses.

The warning was issued by the minister of Interior Ali Mohamed Waran’ade during a press briefing in his Hargeisa offices where he also informed that any media house found contravening the order will lose its operating license immediately. Disbursing tribal

“From now henceforth any media house and more specifically TV channels that broadcast tribal and clannish news shall have their licenses revoked” said Waran’ade during the announcement of the long overdue gesture that will greatly help ease exacerbating clannish agendas in the country.

In an apparent justification of the gag imposed on petty tribal news related item the Interior minister said that reporting on clan issues gives the republic of Somaliland a bad image in the eyes of the international community where the quest for recognition as a sovereign country is intensifying.

Urging the media houses not to ignore the order Waran’ade said “It is very important that you completely stop disbursing petty clan based information thus avoid collusion with the government which is determined to eliminate tribal agendas in the country”

The muzzle has received wide public support especially in the capital Hargeisa where the recent main topic of discussions and queries has been “My Clan will go this way” and most irking “What is you clan” as well as “My Clan is superior to yours”

Most hopefully the government shall also come up with a gag on assorted leadership which is normally the source of the reported pettish tribal and clan propagandas thence a much desired concerted efforts towards poverty alleviation regardless of benefiting area.