Somaliland: Government Cautions International Community on Intervention Policies

somaliland president Muse Bihi chair the 51st Cabinet meeting in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun- While the people and government of Somaliland appreciate the support provided by the international community, the local policies in place pursuant to development and humanitarian interventions must be adhered to.
This caution was made during the 51st sitting of the Somaliland council of ministers held on the 26th December in Hargeisa under the chairmanship of President Mus Bihi Abdi.
According to a press statement released by the presidential press office the cabinet was unanimous that “All documents related to development and humanitarian projects funded by the international community in the country must bear the name, flag and map of the republic of Somaliland”
Stressing that this was not a request but mandatory, the council of ministers added that any projects funded by the IC but negating the said, shall not be implemented.
The meeting reiterated oft made calls to foreign partners be it friendly governments, international agencies and non governmental organizations to treat Somaliland though yet to be recognized as separate and sovereign entity thence not part of Somalia.
Finally the 51st council of ministers meeting held lengthily discussions on the investment law were undertaken and amendments adopted pending approval by parliament. presentations were mad by both the minister of investment and the Attorney General .

Somaliland council of ministers in meeting