Somaliland: Government Castigates Imaginary SL Population Census Released by SFG


Planning Minister Dr Saad Ali Shire says SFG released population census was imaginary since it belong to Somaliand and supplied erroneously by UNFPA

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Government of Somaliland has raised issue with recent population statistics of the country released by the Federal Government of Somalia-SFG.
This is per a press statement released by the ministry of planning in Hargeisa and signed by its minister Dr Saad Ali Shire who termed the SFG data as not only false and imaginary but plagiarism at its lowest.
While revealing that the latest census conducted in Somaliland was in 2003 jointly undertaken by the Government and the United Nations Population Fund-UNFPA the planning Minister said the use of the said data was a flagrant violation by the UN body that shared it with SFG.
Wondering on how the UNFPA had the audacity not only of availing classified data for use by another, Somalia, but to participate at the population unveiling ceremony in Mogadishu as well Dr Saad Ali Shire warned that the ensuing loss of professional trust might mar relations between Somaliland and UNFPA.
The planning ministry statement read
Quote- In lieu of the imperative need to avail public services like education and Health etc sufficiently and equitably securing accurate figures on the country’s population from each village, District, and region of the country thus facilitate apt planning on disbursement is a must.
In pursuit of this, The Somaliland ministry of planning and the United Nations Population Fund-UNFPA jointly conducted a nationwide population census in 2003.
The survey took place in all areas of the country from Sayla in West to Dahar and Buhoodle in the East successfully and as planned.
During the Census not a single person or agency representing the Federal Government of Somalia participated at any stage whatsoever thence all data collected and collated population statistics is solely the property of the government of Somaliland

At the unveiling ceremony of the report in Mogadishu the Deputy PM of Somalia Mohamed Omar Arteh the FGS Minister for Planning the Head of UNFPA Somalia and other dignitaries were present
With this fact it is therefore dubious for any one entity to claim ownership and subsequent use of information solely related to issues Somaliland and in the instance that such a claim exists then it is both false and imaginary.
As for the joint 2003 survey arrangements between the UN body and the government of Somaliland entailed UNFPA facilitating a concise census related to the country’s population which was successfully undertaken.
It is therefore unfortunate and disheartening for the government of Somaliland to note that UNFPA not only availed the Somalia Federal authorities information specific to Somaliland but added salt to injury by participating in the alleged SFG population unveiling function in Mogadishu where the sovereign republic of Somaliland was dissected into six regions of Somalia, an act that might mar relations with the UN body.-Unquote
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