Somaliland: Government Assumes Full Airspace and Airports Management Control


By Yusuf M HasanUNHAS flights bsn continues

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The entire country’s airspace is fully under the control of the ministry of civil aviation and air transport-MoCAAT.

In a letter addressed to various bodies that had the mandate to manage the airspace of somaliland and Somalia courtesy of UN Security council Resolution 954 0f 1994 the minister of civil aviation Mr. Mahmud Abdi Hashi informed that the government is strictly sticking to its decision of managing its airspace.

On the 14th May and after UNDP handed over Somaliland’s airspace control to the Somalia federal government in Mogadishu the government banned from the 15th of May all UN Flights from operating in Somaliland in addition Hargeisa announcing that it shall assume sole control in July.

Since then a number of consultations have taken place between the Somaliland government and the UN without a resolution to the saga in which Somaliland’s resolve was demonstrated after an attempt by an airplane with authorization from Mogadishu was denied landing at Egal international airport in Hargeisa.

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