Somaliland: Gobanimo Market Traders Respond to Drought Appeal

Somaliland: Gobanimo Market Traders Respond to Drought Appeal
Flanked by livestock Minister Saeed Sulub, L, VP Sayli receives drought relief donations from a Gobanimo market representative

Somalilandsun: The recent government appeal for contributions towards Drought effects alleviation have received a boost from local traders in Hargeisa.
This comes after the Vice President of Somaliland, His Excellency Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Sayli), took over a donation from some small traders in Gobanimo market Hargeisa.

The drought appeal by the administration of President Bihi was launched last Thursday during the weekly session of the council of ministers, that saw each pledge a month’s pay towards the kittypledge a month’s pay towards the kitty.
The merchants who transferred the funds, TAWAKAL, TALO-WADAAG and UMU SALAMA, were represented by Member of Parliament Ahmed Dayib Aden who handed over a $ 5300 donation to the Vice President .

Cabinet ministers accompanying the VP among them Saeed Sulub of fisheries and Livestock development thanked the donors and suggested that other sectors of the society follow suit.

After receiving the donation, VP Sayli praised the Gobanimo merchants and organizations for their generosity to the people affected by the drought, and called on businesses and other sectors to do the same.
He underlined that the Drought Relief Committee, which he leads, has made a clear and visible contribution to the affected.

“Thank God first of all, we are also grateful to these three organizations, for their generosity towards drought affected communities in the country.

For a number of years recurrent drought have wrecked havoc on livestock which is the economic mainstay of over 70% of the Somaliland population.