Somaliland: “Give President Silanyo Space to Govern” Demand Traditional leaders


Sultan Mohamed

as they say “The Country is not Ready for another Ten Years of Political Experimentation” while West Burao elders distance their clan from sentiments on purported support to the Behi quest for the presidency.

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Members of the ruling Kulmiye party with ambitions for higher offices in Somaliland should desist from constraining the mandate obligations of President Silanyo.

This urging cum veiled warning was issued by the chief Traditional leader of the Isaaq clan Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdiqadir during a joint press conference with Sultan Hussein Haji Abdi in Hargeisa.

The two sultans who commended President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo for the tangible developments effected in gthe country during the four years of his, Silanyo, administration told Kulmiye functionaries to clean their act and return the ruling party to normalcy.

According to Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdiqadir traditional elders and the Guurti will not allow the political ambitions of any individual to threaten national security nor constrain the functions of the Somaliland executive.

“The Country is not Ready for another Ten Years of Political Experimentation” said Sultan Mohamed in apparent reference to the declaration of intent by Kulmiye party leader Musa Bihi to challenge the candidature of President Silanyo for a second term in office in 2015.

The unprecedented intent to challenge the re-election of a sitting president announced by Musa Bihi has also resulted in the ongoing factional infighting within the ruling party with Guurti elders trying to mediate between president Silanyo and Bihi.

Urging respect and tolerance within the ruling parity whose destruction the Sultan termed as a Somaliland political disaster, those with egos for higher offices within Kulmiye were asked to adhere to the party’s and Country’s Constitutions.

“Though 23 years old Somalilanders spent 20 years learning about government and having tasted it, are neither willing nor ready to for another lesson through experimentation” said Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdiqadir

While in reference to the Somaliland constitution, Sultan Hussein Haji Abdi said that president Silanyo has the right to a second term and the only opposition expected during presidential elections slated for 2015 is from the candidates sponsored by the two opposition parties of UCID and Wadani and not from within the president’s Kulmiye.

As he warned against acts from any quarters that might contribute to insecurity in the country Sultan Hussein said that traditional leaders who together with the government are major partners in ensuring security will not hesitate with appropriate deterrence action.

“Though each one of us have the right to contest for any office in the country, traditional leaders shall not sit aside and let unscrupulous political operatives turn the very successful Silanyo tenure into “a lame duck presidency” Said Sultan Hussein Haji Abdi as he reiterated on the proven leadership prowess of the sitting Somaliland president.

Meanwhile elders from West of Burao in Toghdeer region have denied support for the controversial announcement by Musa Bihi to challenge President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo.

In a statement released in Burao by Talo iyo Tawfiq a clan welfare organization the recent announcement by some elders in Burao pertaining to support for Musa Bihi as Kulmiye party sponsored candidate during the 2015 presidential elections does not represent the views of the clan as purported but those of the concerned individuals.

Stating that internal political party issues have nothing to do with clans and that every Somalilander has a right to seek elective office “Talo iyo Tawfiq” which extended apologies for the erroneous sentiments of clan support to Bihi also urged clear headedness by the politicians in solving the dispute further warned against dragging clans into party affairs.