Somaliland: Germans Cultivate Closer Co-operation with Hargeisa


BY: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somaliland) – President Ahmed Silanyo has hosted a German delegation from Nairobi’s embassy at the presidency on the forenoon of Wednesday in Hargeisa.

The team composed of five senior German diplomatic officials from Nairobi was led by Christian Resch, Deputy German Ambassador to Kenya.

The meeting with the President explored on ways to co-operate with Somaliland in addition to acting as feasibility study in areas that need closer development collaboration including water sufficiency, improved health services and other undeveloped areas of co-operations.

From the Government side the head of state was accompanied by:

1. Vice-President Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail Zeyli’i

2. Presidency Minister Hirsi Ali Hassan

3. National Planning Minister Dr. Said Ali Shire

4. Water Resources Minister Hussein Ahmed Abdulle

5. Personal Assistant to the President Ali Ahmed Ali

The German diplomatic team consisted of:

1. German Deputy Ambassador to Kenya, Christian Resch

2. Desk officer for the Bonn based German Federal Ministry for Co-operation & Development, Dr. Philips Rock

3. Deputy Head of Development Co-operation, German Embassy, Nairobi, Ms. Julian Kronberg

4. GTZ Country Manager for Kenya, Hendrix Linnerweber

5. Senior Country Manager East African region for German Development Bank KFW, Frankfurt am Main

The visit is in fulfillment of the embassy’s pledge to come to the country after Somaliland ministerial delegation to Nairobi in early March this year. The Water Resources Minister Hussein Ahmed Abdulle & his Environment and Rural Development counterpart Shukri Ismail Bandare paid a courtesy call to the German Embassy in Nairobi where the duo discussed development projects in the country.