Somaliland: General Ilko-jiir Recants Somalia Unionism, Seeks Amnesty


Gen ilkajiir

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – Immediate past Minister of Interior in the government of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland is on the way to Hargeisa.

Major General Abdilahi Ahmed Jama ‘Ilko-jiir’ who served the Puntland government as Minister of Interior and Security in the government of former Puntland president Abdirahman Farole has renounced political belief in the reunion of the now defunct Somalia Republic.
According to reliable Sources Gen Ilko-jiir who met with a number of ministers in the administration of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo in Djibouti is reportedly set for shifting his political base from Garowe to Hargeisa after receiving assurances of Amnesty.
The Somaliland constitution considers any citizen who is against the sovereignty of the country and or any who joins the federal or regional governments of Somalia as a traitor thence liable to prosecution.
Being a Somalilander originally from Eastern Sanaag region General ‘Ilko-jiir’ who was a Puntland presidential candidate during the 2009 in which Abdirahman Farole won and appointed him, Gen Ilko-jiir as his security minister had to be granted amnesty by the government in Hargeisa after repudiating unionism.
While not the first Somaliland politician to owe allegiance to the government of neighbouring Somalia and subsequently became dissatisfied and seek a peaceful return to the fold of his fatherland the move by Gen Ilko-jiir, a heavyweight in Sanaag region is a major blow to the designs and mechanisms of Puntland’s president Abdiweli Gaas.
Underling Abdi Jama in towThe Sanaag politician who is a, to, be reckoned with military commander served in the Somalia army commanded by late dictator Siad Barre rising through the ranks to major General
Prior to shifting political base to Garowe Major General Abdilahi Ahmed Jama ‘Ilko-jiir’ served at one time as the commander of the Somaliland National Army.
Our reports indicate that Gen Ilko-jiir whose clan elders are already in Hargeisa to make arrangements for his arrival and reception shall be accompanied by a clansman and former deputy minister in charge of Puntland security Abdi Jamal also originally a citizen of Somaliland.
While Gen Ilko-jiir who transited in Hargeisa from Djibouti is en-route to his in Sanaag region Abdi Jamal is said to be ensconced in Hargeisa awaiting developments.
for whatever it is worth the arrival of the duo coupled with the earlier return after almost a decade by Garad Jama Garad Ismail a huge coup by the administration of Silanyo especially as pertains to securing the eastern regions and countering the political machinations of Puntland authorities that claim the administrative rights to Eastern parts of Sanaag and entire Sool region based on the argument that inhabitants of those regions in Somaliland are, it Puntland’s, Harti (Darood) clansmen.

Somaliland traditional leaders at the welcoming ceremony of  Garad Jam at Egal int airport/File

 while Gen Ilko-jiir is a heavyweight within the Warsengeli clan in east of Sanaag region Garad Jama is the senior most traditional leader of Sool region’s Dulbahante clan and former chief supporter of the Khatumo Secessionist movement led by Somalia MP Ali Khalif Galayd with the financial and military funding by Garowe.

The first salvo putting nails to the coffin of insecurity in the east of the country came after president Silanyo signed the Buhodle peace accord with the then commander of the rebellious Sool Sanaag Cayn (Ain) militias and first appointed to the resetlement and rural development docket and current Somaliland minister of Health Dr Suleiman Isse “Hagaltosie”

Silanyo and then SSC Commander  Hagaltosie in a handshake of peace after signing the Buhoolde peaceful reconcilliation accords in Dubai/file
Though the army has also played a role in securing the east and helping avail residents government provided public services the credit is due the administration of president Silanyo but more a certain minister close to the presidency who spearheaded the Buhodle accords and implemetation, and is known to have been in Djibouti prior to the return of Garad Jama in April and more recently (last week) where Ilko-jiir was engaged.

It is hoped by all and wished by Somalilanders that these peaceful reconciliations between disatisfied politicians and the central government in Hargeisa shall help de-escalate tensions in the eastern boundaries of Somaliland