Somaliland: Geeska Afrika Receives Ethics Accords as it Commemorates 9th Anniversary


Somalilandsun- The Geeska Africa Media Group is celebrating its 9th Anniversary since inception on the 17th April 2015.
The group of composed of three newspapers Wargeyska Geeska Africa, The Horn newspaper and Ciyaraha is published in Hargeisa and has within that span of its existence become the number one choice information outlet for the political, governmental, religious, traditional, Development, humanitarian and commercial leadership as well as the common man in Somaliland.
The newspapers of which the Somali language Geeska Afrika is published 5 days a week with the English language Horn newspaper and the sports exclusive Somali language Cyaraha are published weekly.
Acclaimed for its ethics and variety of information disbursed the following comments about the Geeska Media group were made by various personalities during its 9th anniversary commemoration week

Musa Bihi.KULMIYE Party
While congratulating the Geeska group on its 9th Anniversary and wishing it 101 years the chairman of the ruling party Kulmiye Musa Behi said “The Geeska newspaper which I have personal been a reader since it was started has earned a place in the hearts of Somalilanders because of the professionalism of its work not to mention the impartiality it portrays as opposed to other local media outlets that are solely expert in character assassinations”
UCID Party
The chairman of the opposition party of UCID Feisal Ali Warabe who is among the personalitiesFeisal Ali Warabe whose interviews and other information has been published by Geeska newspapers had this to say “First is to congratulate you on your ninth anniversary while revealing that your are now the only newspaper with a measure of public confidence in Somaliland” adding that this esteem has been attained due to professionalism and ethical practices in its work
IrroThe chairman of the opposition party Wadani cum speaker of the Somaliland parliament Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi ‘Irro’ had this to say “while congratulating you on your 9th anniversary I wish to add that I personally say that it is not only my favourite newspaper but that of a majority of citizens in Somaliland who are attracted by the impartially prepared news items that cover all spheres of life”
Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Somaliland foreign policy chief Mohamed Behi Younis commenting on the work of Geeska AfrikaBehi said “I perceive this newspaper as one geared towards promoting the interest of the nation due to the manner in which you select and published your information thus earning your number ranking in Somaliland” adding “from personal experience of your numerous interviews with me you published my comments exactly as they were rather than twisting them as is the norm with some other medias outlets”
Stressing that the people require media outlets of the same class of professionalism, ethics and impartiality as Geeska Afrika publications the Somaliland minister of foreign affairs wished the group success in coming years
MP Ali Mareehan, Somaliland House of Representatives
MP Ali Mohamed Hasan ‘Ali Marehan’ who is one of the most vocal members of the house said “Am one of the people who are close followers of news profuse by Geeska Afrika, because of its impartiality of news that are balanced between the ruling and opposition parties politics while on the other hand its coverage of the entire country gives me a factual grasp of exactly what is happening in Somaliland”
Ms Edna Aden
Prominent Somaliland personality acclaimed internationally as the Muslim Mother Teresa Ms Edna Aden Ismail, who s founder and director of the Edna Aden University teaching hospital had this to say about Geeska Afrika “I extend my congratulations to you on your 9th anniversary while informing that I appreciate the professionalism and impartiality you attach to your wide variety of news disbursed to the citizenry of Somaliland” as she added her wishes for more anniversary commemorations to the newspaper.
Civil Society
Various personalities in the civil society sector who all congratulated the Geeska Afrika media group on its 9th anniversary commemorations were also unanimous agreement on the worth of the publication to the country among them Prof. Aadan Xaaji Cali Axmed oo sidoo