Somaliland: Geeljire Demands Court Action for Yemeni illegal fishermen


Impounded Yemeni fishing trawlerBy: Liban Ali H. Raabi

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The over forty illegal fishermen from Yemen are yet to be sentenced 11 days after their arrest.

The Yemenis who were arrested and their fishing trawler by the coast guard based at the eastern port of Mayd are yet to be sentenced eleven days after in custody due to the failure of action by the Sanag regional court.

According to the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Sources Mr. Abdillahi Jama Osman ‘Geeljire’, the laws governing illegal fishing in Somaliland waters are in place thus, the Sanag regional Court based in Erigavo town, should perform its duties and stop blaming the Ministry.

Said he, “The treatment meted on the Yemeni fishers by the court in Sanag is contrary to natioFishries Minister Abdilahi Geeljirenal and international laws that pertain to illegal fishing”

At a press conference in his Hargeisa offices Minister Geeljire said that the Erigavo based court should immediately dispatch a magistrate to Mayd port where the over forty Yemenis are still in the custody of the arresting coast guards who complaining about the miscarriage of justice visited upon the foreign illegal fishermen.